The current Rita's Bite launched in January 2009 is an amalgamation of the Hobart Food for Thought blog which I started in late 2006 and ritasbite.com, a website which acted as a parking spot for the many restaurant reviews on the blog.

I must stress that the word ‘review’ is used as a term to loosely describe the experiences Rita has at each eating venue she visits. What is called a ‘review’ is actually just an account of what happened to Rita, and Rita’s perceptions of same, at a restaurant or cafĂ©, whether it was good, bad or mediocre.

The blog is essentially used to report on restaurants and cafes mainly in the Hobart and environs area. It also chairs general discussions about food, eating and eating etiquette, and all things associated with these subjects.

It is read by many people, both professionals and casuals, engaged in the hospitality and tourism industries, and also many interested eaters.

The beauty of the blog is that it is a level playing field, with everyone who comments being equal. All opinions are equally valid and listened to by everyone else. When we disagree with something, we say so. As we all write anonymously, it is very easy to be way more honest than you normally would be with your opinions in this situation.
That, to me, would be the beauty of checking in there every week. If I were a restaurant owner, I would check out a site like Rita's to get accurate and honest feedback about my restaurants performance, both food and service. Information people probably don't bother feeding back to the restaurant at the time a situation occurs.

Rita doesn't set herself up as the ultimate authority on anything food-related. She has opinions. Others have opinions. Her aim is to stimulate general discussion, and elicit as accurate a reflection of eating, dining and food in today's Hobart as is possible.
The fact that you ARE writing and putting all your words out in the public domain is a factor which should always be taken into consideration, for the reader as well as the writer. The reality of the potential of being sued for expressing your opinion or experience publicly is always present.

However, Rita’s Bite will hopefully serve its purpose and people will still express their true feelings about the state of food play here in Hobart today.