Saturday, 1 January 2000

Paul Foreman, 2007

Paul Foreman

Head Chef Marque IV Nov 2007

As I’ve declared often on my blog, I admit upfront to being Paul Foreman’s greatest fan. Hence you may well find a bit of bias creeping into my writing about Paul. For this I make no apology at all, but am merely being totally honest with you.

I have never worked for Paul, so have no idea what he’s like as a boss. I can only tell it as I find it, and that is that in all my many dealings with him over the past 15 years, I have consistently found him to be a really great bloke. A hard worker. A quietly passionate chef. One of the stalwarts.

Paul came originally from WA, and was in Year 10 here at Taroona High, when he did some work experience at the local Taroona Pub, where they ultimately offered him an apprenticeship. He did his first year there, then went on to complete the apprenticeship at the old Beards Restaurant, then Prossers.

He has worked in a variety of places over the years and has developed a fine reputation as a top chef. He is now being sought after by a few TV programs, such is his charismatic and professional delivery, not to mention talent in the kitchen.

Lifestyle channel are planning a program featuring 39 chefs around Australia, called “Signature Dishes”. Paul will be amongst the noted chefs cooking his Scallop and Red cooked Beef Brisket and lime leaf and lemon grass foam.

He has also been approached by Delicious magazine to do a Delicious Dinner at MIV in January 2008.

He has a link with Guilford Young College and has helped out there for the last six years teaching hospitality students a few tricks of the trade. It is from this source that he manages to find a few potential apprentices keen to give the world of cookery a go.

Paul has given me a simple recipe for Citrus Salted Ocean Trout with Panzanella Salad which he likes to cook at home..........

Paul Foreman’s Citrus Salted Ocean Trout with Panzanella Salad

Paul says ocean trout is his personal favourite fish. This is a dish he likes to cook up for himself and the family when he wants an easy but tasty meal at home.

Obviously you’d need to have done a few things prior to making this recipe – like having dried your citrus zest ahead of time, and made the bacon croutons.

For the citrus salt –

pink sea salt
dried zest of oranges, limes and lemons
bit of sugar if preferred

Pound all the above in a mortar and pestle, then dredge the skin of the (dried) trout in the salt mix.

Pop some ghee in a pan (Paul prefers to cook using ghee), then place the salted trout, skin side down, into the heated ghee in the pan. Cook.

For the panzanella salad -

bacon croutons - pana de casa, bacon, olive oil, salt and pepper and garlic into a moderate oven and baked, all roughly ripped and tossed together, like a bacon and bread crumble

Mix the above with cos leaves, anchovies, olives, poached egg, lemon juice and olive oil.

Paul generally, if the day allows, cooks the fish on the BBQ and serves it with fresh baby pinkeye potatoes, and obviously the salad. He likes this one as there is no stuffing around with it. It’s quick, easy and very flavoursome.