Tuesday, 20 June 2000


Anonymous said...

Garagistes seems to always be quite dissapointing. Great concept, texture and presentation, but what you're paying for, you'd at least expect some flavour! They seem to over-do the dishes, and all of them could have at least one ingredient taken out. There seems to be lots of leaves in every dish, it's over doing it. Service is seems to be good, but the chairs are quite uncomfortable! The setting is very good and relaxed. It seems to be advertised quite a lot on the radio by two certain 'foodies' as well.. maybe if other resteraunts in hobart had the same 'advertising' as this, they wouldn't be doing it as hard. There are so many amazing and understated places in Hobart, Garagistes is more about the extravagancy than the the actual meal.


lemon curd said...

See, I went that way as well to begin with, but I have to admit I've come full circle. I really enjoy the subtle (and yes, sometimes ridiculously subtle!) flavours, and the provenence of all the ingredients in the dishes. I also love having dessert at the end, as it always comes with such a punch after the preceeding courses.
Let alone the wine list - always enjoy trying something different. I've never come away feeling ripped off at all, and invariably come away under $40/head for dinner and a couple of glasses of something good.
I like Sidecar too, love the space and the idea - had some lovely smoked eel croquettes in there with a couple of glasses of grenache the other night - all for $37!