Sunday, 2 April 2006

Restaurant Reviews

The restaurants rated below comprise all those Rita has visited and reviewed since the inception of the Hobart Food for Thought blog in late 2006.
In the blog posts I generally didn’t issue any kind of hats or star rating system when reviewing eating establishments – mostly because I really feel that reviews are such a personal reaction to a situation, in this instance, a dining out situation, that it just doesn’t seem such an accurate reflection of the package. So, I will preface my restaurant ratings with the warning, once again, that the reviews are the results of how I found things at any given establishment on the day. You must build in my own personal tastes and predilections for various foods and flavours, as well as my expectations of the full package of the food combined with the ambience of the place, the prices, and most importantly, the service.

In a nutshell – it’s just one person’s opinions of what worked for her on the day.
I genuinely hope people will feel confident enough to add their own opinions and feedback regarding any of these reviews. It is good to hear about people’s experiences also because we need updates about how the food is going at each place. You can’t just say that the food is fabulous at so-and-so’s and that’s that. You need to continually be up-to-date in your knowledge of these places for this site to be at all effective. Chefs change, FOH staff change, owners change, suppliers change; all these things impact on a place.

We need to keep a handle on what’s going on round the city, so if you know something – share it with us who care!

I also tend to disagree with some who feel you get what you pay for. I can name a few of my favourite places where I think the prices are way too low for the great food and service I receive. I can also name a few places where the food costs an arm and a leg but I leave there feeling really shitty that my needs were most definitely not met. Go figure!
You can use these reviews as a kind of guide if you’re planning a night out and not sure where to go - but make sure you read the comments as well, so you get a more balanced opinion or idea of the place.

By the way, it will be really useful to all of us if you have a meal you liked, hated or were indifferent to, to tell us all about it.

In the immortal words of chef Ian Parmenter, bon app├ętit!

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