Saturday, 1 April 2006


rockoyster said...

Spot on Rita! Fabulous and exemplary indeed. Had lunch there today. My consort and I ordered the scallops with field mushrooms and Pyengana cheddar and the turkey livers; we shared. They were both exquisite and a very sensible size serving for lunch. The ginger cake and the coffees to finish were spot on. $12 for the mains and $8 for the dessert. They have a new menu which I think just kicked off today so if you haven't been lately, give it another go.

steve said...

Hi Rita nice to catch up with you on Monday at taste at baha.
I felt compelled to share with your readers how fabulous the food & servivce were.
We shared the eggs, olive mayo & roesti, the Scotche egg, Boks bacon + chutney, the buckwheat blini, smoked salmon & the scallops with Pyengana cheddar & mushrooms. All very tasty, picture perfect & deftly put together. two Gillespies Ginger beers, a cupcake & a coffee, about $55 for two-Great value!
Finished the meal with lovely chat with Karen Goodwin Roberts who impressed me with her passiion, long tern view of the industry & her commitment for making the food cheap enough to be accessible to all her customers.
Their operation had a nice 'family feel'to it with Mihael out front & one of their sons in the kitchen.
I really enjoyed my outstanding lunch Rita, thanks for reccomending Taste at Baha.

Rita said...

It was great to sit down, relax, and share a meal with you Steve, away from the usual hustle and bustle of RVL, which is where we usually catch up. I'm glad you enjoyed our meal at Taste, and got to have a good chat with Karen and Michael as well.
I also am extremely grateful to have such a friend who would go out of their way to the extent you did, in the name of friendship.
If I gained nothing else from blogging, acquiring such a friend is a true bonus.

Disappointed said...

Anyone know what's happened to Taste?

We rocked up there for lunch on Wednesday only to find a sign on the gate of the Bahai Centre which read "Open for Deliveries Only".

Hope this is not a bad sign for Taste.

Rita said...

It's OK - don't panic, Taste fans! I called Karen today to check, as this comment by above Disappointed Anon echoed my feelings when I too found the same in the last few days.
Didn't get to speak with her personally but was reassured by the guy who answered the phone that although they are not trading as cafe, and instead currently catering for a Bahai conference, they will be open again for business as usual on Monday 26th April.
He also assured me they are still catering for Gold Class cinema too.

Anonymous said...

Taste still seems to be as amazing as ever! They have quite a few new staff, but the food seems to be as fantasic, fresh, simple, local and in season still! I went in there the other day, and they've started opening Saturday, 9am - 3pm, it was quite clear that they do not have 'big breakfasts' but they do have 'breakfasty' items on the menu, all of which sound great. Also, bookings number has changed and is no longer the one stated up the top, just thought I'd let you know!