Friday, 27 July 2007

Kawasemi Japanese Tea House in Moonah

Found myself in Moonah of all places at 5.30 on a Friday night, so decided I'd look for this Japanese place I'd heard so much about out that side of town.

Located the shop (in Dickensons Arcade), and the door (it has 3 entrances, all looking suspiciously like THE entrance, especially the one with the "OPEN" sign on it, but that's locked!? - what is that about?).

Anyway - after the entrance IQ test - I ambled in to check out the menu, and see if I felt OK with getting a takeaway there.

I did.

The prices were astoundingly rock bottom. I'm obviously accustomed to city, North Hobart & Sandy Bay prices of roughly $16 - 20 per main course for a decent meal, takeaway or otherwise.

These were, for all their hot takeaways, $6.50! For the various Sushi dishes - $8.00 - $15, with the full sushi platter for 2 being $32.

It is amazing value.

But I suppose you might be wondering about the taste of the food. Having been psyched for paying around $20 for dinner, I pictured myself in piggy-porker heaven, so ordered 2 mains - Beef Teriyaki - thinly sliced beef, cooked with teriyaki sauce, steamed rice, salad
& Chicken Katsudon - deep fried chicken cooked with soy sauce & mirin, rice.

The beef was great, the chicken pretty ordinary. I'd return for the beef again.

Definitely recommended.

And while I was out there in the Moonah area, I popped my head in to pick up a menu of a little Thai place that one of my daughters claims is great - Sawasdee. I didn't try it, but will soon.

As I drove back to my suburb, through the eating strip of North Hobart amidst the swarms of Friday night diners, I thought to myself it's a shame they all stop there in NH and don't venture further out into the urban jungles. I know all the jokes about NCR, but it'd be nice to think a great little eatery could do very well off the main eating highway.
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Tassiegal said...

Its taken you this long to get to Kawesami Rita? SHAME on you. They are sickenly good value for money and speaking from experience their $32 sushi platter for two is huge. The katsudon is one of the dishes they dont do too well. I suggest you eat in one night and try the seafood avocado - its GREAT, as is the Chicken misoyaki.

The Thai takeaway is good value as well - if you ask they will make it "thai" hot as opposed to western hot.

Rita said...

I agree Zelda - shame on me for taking so long to get there.

But I'm glad I finally made it.

I'll try your suggestion of the Seafood Avocado - sounds yummy.

Anonymous said...

What, no bento?
Try the kaiso salad at night - salmon, octopus, noodles and seaweed in a tangy dressing. And the spicy salmon sushi is great: fresh, contrasting textures and it just tingles the tongue. Sashimi wonderful.
Ginger fish at the Thai place is great, too.
Go Moonah!!!
Yeah - I live NTC and it's great to have good, cheap places!

Anonymous said...

definitely the best tasting as well as value japanese eatery in Tassie. The only one that comes close is orizuru at Mures but that one's rather over priced. Sushi and sashimi platter is great, you can't go past the bento box at lunch for value and a good mix of everything. The only shame is that they don't have sake, but you can always BYO I guess.

Seb Young said...

I just dined there for the first time tonight. I have nothing but the utmost respect for this beautiful tea house... I will Definately be coming back! BYO is good

Anonymous said...

I am a regular at this restaurant. Recently, I ordered Spicy BBQ chicken (deep fried chicken with rice) as a takeaway. When I got home, i noticed the chicken batter was darker than usual. Biting on the chicken, I immediately knew that they have been deep fried "twice". Probably leftover from either someone elses order or previous days. The chicken pieces were so dried up and the batter had lost its crips. They were burnt and soggy with oil. I was so disappointed with their greed $$$. Gave them a call and they offered a refund but I refused to accept and not wanting to be bribed as this greedy business attitude needs to stop before it becomes someone elses bad experience.