Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Sip Cafe

Address:29 Banksia St, Bicheno
Phone No:03 6375 1247
Web Site:
Description:Tasteful cafe food
Comment:You'll be amazed at the quality in the simple ingredients and fine flavours which shine through. Highly recommended.
Rita Rating:****

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Greg Clarke (Sunday Tasmanian) said...

The following extract is from an article by Greg Clarke in the Sunday Tasmanian of 7 Sep 2008 entitled North-East awakening
Sip to it
For those driving to the North-East from Hobart you could consider a stop at Bicheno.
The girls who started the Left Bank in Swansea, Helen and Subi, are having a second coming and their cafe Sip, officially opened on September 4.
The cafe is part of their new accommodation venture, Seaview. The girls are slowly renovating the former school camp so don’t be put off by the first impression. The cafe and some of the rooms (with sea views) were the first to have makeovers.
The focus of the food will be simple and fresh - soups, salmon bagels, salads and toasted paninis - and, to the delight of many, the girls will be reintroducing the lemon tart (as well as offering new cup cakes and other sweet treats) which caused quite a deal of fuss and fuller hips during their time at Left Bank.
Bring your sunglasses to the cafe. The big windows afford views of the Tasman Sea and let in glorious sunshine.

Subi and Helen (Sip) said...

Hi Rita

We have just opened a new
coffee bar in Bicheno called ’sip’ (sit & imbibe 4 pleasure) and are
keen to let people know. Lots of customers from the Left Bank days
have said over the past two years that they’re waiting for our next
venture, well here it is. In the way that life has it’s surprises
when you least expect it, we’ve bought the Seaview Holiday Park (in
process of rebranding to ’sip and seaview at bicheno’) and have set up
sip on site. And a magnificent site it is and the response to sip
over the past two days, since we opened has been fab. Picture sun-
drenched terrace with ocean coast and fishing village views (south
coast Italy? just needs a vespa to drive by) and a red, black and
white small interior space. That and the self contained units we’ve
recently re-vamped are fresh and funky but still budget. Anyway,
we’re in love with this place and are keen to share it.

Subi Mead & Helen Bain