Thursday, 2 October 2008

Enlightenment at the Globe

The dining room furnishings and crockery came from the golden days of the glorious 80’s, and the menu reads like it’s from that era as well – but let me reassure you that the food quality is pretty up there.

Three of us ate tonight at, wait for it, The Globe. It is so naff there, but Paul Kaspousen (I’m sure I haven’t spelled that correctly so apologies in advance) ex-Wrest Point is the man in charge of the dining room at the Globe now, and I tell you, the food is surprisingly good, if luke-warm.

You get a decent pub meal sized serving, from a menu that contains, amongst the usual favourites, many varieties of schnitzel, lamb shanks, steaks, a few seafood options all accompanied by an Idaho Potato with sour cream if that’s your hearts desire.

The service was shocking. I felt so sorry for our waitress but all the same my gut feeling is that the hospitality industry is definitely not where her career is meant to be.

I came away with mixed feelings, but not unhappy with the pub food.
Posted on by Rita


Anonymous said...

sounds like you may have had the same waitress we had a couple of weeks ago!

Agree with you though, food was great! Perfectly cooked eye fillet x 2 (for one meal) and a really stunning quality of meat for a pub I must say.

However, $$ wise, it was certainly restaurant prices rather than pub prices. But you got what you paid for food wise, if not service wise!


Rita said...

In explanation as to the reason why she couldn't answer any menu-related questions (ie what are the vegies today; do chips come with the steak) her response was that this was her 3rd shift and she hadn't looked at the menu. Does that sound like the same person?

Anonymous said...

It was the first shift for the waitress we had! for that reason we were very understanding... we had my whole water basketball team there plus partners and we are very daunting when together!

We ended up having three waitresses by the end of the night and a free round of drinks for all the stuff ups they made. But the food was great and we will go back!


Miles McClagan said...

That waitress should be glad she's not on Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares, there's a whole series on her alone...