Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sunday driving

Brunched today at Farm Gate at Kettering courtesy of the ever generous Lee, and his able-bodied sidekick Danie, ex Divinge.

Kelly and I feasted on eggs, bacon, beans, mushrooms and Lee’s special baby sausages which were absolutely to die for. Lee told us the story about how they were made, with him thinking he was adding garlic from a container which usually contained minced garlic, and thinking each time he tested the mix that it needed more and more garlic. He eventually found out it was in fact hummus he’d been adding, not minced garlic! I recommend he continue with the hummus usage, as they were truly gorgeous, and hadn’t suffered at all with the hummus addition.

We continued our trek down the Channel, popping in to Oyster Cove pub to check out the renovations (seems like they’re mid way through as it’s pretty chaotic there), then across to Cygnet to RVL only to find that not only could we not get a parking space in the whole main street of Cygnet, but there was a queue waiting to get into RVL! That ended that idea of some additional light refreshment at RVL.

I thought Petty Sessions at Franklin should be the next cafe to try, so we headed for Franklin.

It was beautiful there, and the menu at Petty Sessions looked fine but as we were still full of Lee’s brunch, decided on just a slice of cake and a drink. The Tiramisu in the cake fridge looked sumptuous, so that was an easy decision, and proved a great choice.

A trip down the Huon and/or Channel is highly recommended. There is so much to see and do down there, as well as a multitude of magnificent places to eat, no matter what your budget or desire.
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Anonymous said...

The traditional Sunday drive.
It really does sound fabulous but what about about the enviroment!

Hopefully you hitched a ride in the pig food truck!



sir grumpy said...

You can't have beans with mashrooms, Rita. Well not if it was baked beans.
It's one or the other.
My favourite fry-up was bacon, eggs, beans, fried tomatoes, black pudding and a sausage.
That was brekky fry-up. At teatime just add chips and plenty of them.
Am I a gourmet or what?
PS, yes the Channel/Huon run is always great. We've given up trying to get into RVL for a while...glad to see it is thriving.

Tassiegal said...

I love the Chanel drive on a weekend. Stephen and I did it once via the peddle boats at Huonville which was a blast.

Ginger said...

Did Rod Matthews (Petty Sessions) tell you about the Egyptian style craft(falukas) that he will have operating along the Huon river from his soon-to-be-built jetty,and also the option of a scenic flight, as a before (or after) lunch addition to the 'menu'? I also enjoyed lunch there recently. Service was not overly fast, but since I was there with a friend I had not seen for many years, it was easy to fill in the time, and in very pleasant surroundings. It is one place in the Channel open 7 days a week. The menu and the delicious 'things' in the cabinet cater well for a range of hungers.

Rita said...

P - naturally it goes without saying that we hitched a ride on the pig food truck! But did that help the environment one iota?
Sir G - it wasn't baked beans. I too love a fry-up in the truest British tradition, and agree with you about the chips, but must admit that whilst in the old country enjoying these delights, it always felt wierd eating the same brekky fare at night time as dinner!
TG - glad you have taken on the Sunday drive habit.
Hi Ginger - it's good to hear from you again. I didn't get to speak to Rod, in fact didn't see him there, so didn't know about the flaukas. Thanks for that info.
Yes, the service was ordinary, but I agree the menu looked fine and there was a good 'buzz' about the place, which I was happy about, given that the last time I'd heard anything about it was someone telling me that because of relationship issues there was some question about the future of the cafe.

rockoyster said...

Went there today and enjoyed the Seafood Tapas Platter for 2 for $52 (shared between 3). The Abalone Meat Balls were interesting.

Chocolate Berry Tower dessert for sweet tooths only.

Service was "rural" (lot's of "no worries Darl" and dessert cutlery arrived in a plonked bundle) but the place has a lovely outlook and good atmosphere.

Rita said...

Glad you checked it out RO. It does have its pro's and con's but I think the pro's outweigh the con's.

Anonymous said...

Service has changed, been recently, even new blood in the kitchen, we talked to the waitress, sarah and the chef, chris, and were thrilled that some new ideas might be happening at petty!