Sunday, 19 October 2008

Taste 2009

Remember at the beginning of the year when Rita managed to make a wrong decision to pop along to Taste for a nibble, and hated the whole experience?

Well she is now looking at having to go back on her word of promising never to darken the doorstep there ever again! She has accepted a request to work on one of the stands. What will this mean? How much compromise will need to be made? How will this affect Rita's extremely jaundiced view of Taste?

Let's just wait and they this space...and don't tell me I'm narrow-minded and not open to going back on my word if need be!
Posted on by Rita


Anon2 said...

Dear Rita
Narrow minded? Never!
Flexible is a nicer word.
Looking forward to purchasing some, no doubt, delicious tucker from you! Or, maybe you'll be sloshing out some nice Tassie vino.
Seriously though, you're brave to take on the challenge. Some friends who have worked on, or run, stalls at the TASTE over the years reckon it's the most exhausting work they've ever done!
See you there!

Christina said...

Well done Rita!
As you know Phil and I worked there last year and it was memorable to say the least! Long hours but we enjoyed the experience immensely. Although having worked at Festivale 2 years straight I must say I prefer that. Maybe it's the venue, or the atmosphere or that for the last 2 years at Festivale they've had a guy singing Neil Diamond! That's probably it.
So enjoy your experience, take from it what you can. We have mixed feelings about it. There is some great stuff happening if you take the time to find it. I'm sure you'll also see some things, as did we, thst will shock you to the core. The best thing we found was that we met some amazing people and had some amazing conversations.
So are you going to tell us which lucky stall your working on, or are we going to have to hunt you out ourselves?

Rita said...

Anon2 & Christina - good to hear from you. It'll be great tucker I'm dispensing, not vino.
I'll tell you closer to the time which stall I'll be at. But knowing you two, I'm sure you'll hunt me out as well!

Miles McClagan said...

I went to go into Taste

There was a juggler in the way

I went home

(OK, it's not my usual verbose story, but it sums it up)

sir grumpy' said...

Sorry, Rita, even with the added attraction of you there,I'll give this shithole event a miss YET again.

Anonymous said...

Yes of course you'll give it a miss Sir G, patrons are expected to open their wallets & spend for food & beverage, an everyday exchange that seems foreign to you.

Caring, sharing Grumpy said...

I should be paid instead,for staying away.
The sight of me walking around with a miserable look on my face is not good for business.
Why miserable. Well, big queues, nowhere to sit, a concrete soulless bunker, crap music,lots of stuff you can get all year round at the stalls' high st place, expensive drinks, litter....sticky tables if you can get one..plastic too....need I go on?
No I needn't. But I did.

Whitey said...

Look out for the leftovers, Sir Grumpy. They are free.