Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Now I'm in Swansea, where will I eat?

If you are a Swansea resident complaining about a lack of eating out options, you surely must be the hardest person in the world to please.

Counting up the new and old venues over the weekend, Rita came to the total of 14 options in Swansea. And we reckon Hobart is over-serviced!

There’s Waterloo, the new Fish & Chip shop, the old Fish & Chip shop, Kate’s Berry Farm, Trellis, Banc, Ebb, Piermont, Ugly Duckout, Kabuki, RSL, Bark Mill Tavern, Bark Mill Bakery and Viewpoint (just along from Banc).

No matter how you’re feeling, or how broke or affluent you are, there’s somewhere in Swansea for you to dine out, if that's your hearts desire.
Posted on by Rita


sir grumpy said...

But do they pass the scrambled eggs test, Rita.
Ouch, I'll cop it for this.

Rita said...

I'm sure if they knew it was YOU Sir G, they'd bend over backwards to do you a special scrambled eggs, for breakfast, lunch or tea!

Anonymous said...

If you are not in hospitality to serve then get out! Hospitality workers whinge more that sgbf.

Food Nazi

sir grumpy said...

Zat you whingeing again Food Nazi...give it a bloody rest.

Anonymous said...

Where the hell did that come from Food Nazi. Jeez bad day?

the silver fairy said...

sir grumpy. my mother would call you twee.

sir grumpy said...

Here we go again, another crop of cranks.

Rita said...

Food Nazi, Silver Fairy - welcome back! Now we just need Smurf to comment and we're complete!
Sir G - they're not cranks - just crazy like the rest of us!