Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Piccolo in North Hobart (previously Aroma)

Lunch today was at Piccolo. Viv ordered the Handmade Pappardelle with Wild Rabbit Ragout ($21). I tasted it and it was lovely. I realized I should have ordered that meal, as I didn’t enjoy mine as much. I ordered the Pan Fried Rockling with Panzarella Salad and Salsa Verde ($22).

The fish was alright but had no definite flavour. I also didn’t really enjoy the Panzarella Salad, and can’t really put my finger on specifics, it just didn’t gel with me.

Ideally I would have had the famous Lamb Shanks, or, as the evening menu read, Sardinian Oven Baked Lamb Shanks with green olives, potato and pancetta and garlic breadcrumbs ($32), but as it’s only on the night time menu, I had to go without. But that’s fine, as it means I can go again and have this meal which so many have raved about.

We shared a Nougat Semifreddo with grappa marinated strawberries and fresh mint ($14). It was THE best dessert I’ve had since last Thursday at Marque IV! The strawberries were simply gorgeous, with the grappa overwhelmingly present, and complementing the fruit perfectly. The semifreddo was beautiful, the fresh mint topped it off, and the full combination made it a perfect package.

The service was excellent, and the room had a nice feeling to it. I will definitely return, with interest. There were only 3 other tables present lunching, which surprised me. These young people deserve to do well, as does their restaurant.
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Anonymous said...

And once again a dessert that was not bought in. What a difference it makes when there is a little thought and passion on the go.
I have to say I like a Panzanella salad, and as an accompaniment to fish, in particular oily fish, its a winner with me. But like many things subject to taste.
And you are right, they deserve to do well.


Anonymous said...

I had dinner at Piccolo last night (27/04/09), yes they are now open MONDAY nights aswell. The place was a buzz, the service friendly and highly attentive, and the food Italian, fresh & as fantastic as I remember (last had lunch there Nov 08, don't live in Hobart so only make the trip down South very so often!) If economic down town is curbing spending on nights out save up and go out to Piccolo once a month, you won't be disappointed.

Esme said...

I went to Piccolo on saturday night for dinner. Couldn't fault it! Everyone's meals were delicious. I had the gnocchi with honey glazed duck...mmmm.
I will return for sure.

Anonymous said...

My first meal at Piccolo was the Sardinian Oven Baked Lamb Shanks and I literally dreamt about it that night!!

Alisha, Alex and the team all deserve to thrive!

Ka Pai!

Oscar said...

I'd like to second poster number two's comment, people should go for quality above quantity with their dining, imagine the benefits that would bring for both the restaurants and the standards of dining (not to mention people's health :P).

My wife and I are not wealthy at all (I was still a university student until a few months ago), but we still feel spending money on dining out for quality food every few weeks is a treat that is worth it.