Sunday, 2 November 2008

Smitten by Smith St Store

Pictured above - the Scrambled Eggs and the French Toast.

Smith St Store (cnr Smith St and Argyle St, North Hobart) was THE place to be this morning, let me tell you. I think I saw just about everyone I could think of there today – and it was my first visit there to eat!

Let me say at the outset that I absolutely loved everything I ate or sampled. Friends Kelly and Viv were my breakfast companions today – both of them avid food lovers, especially Viv who has recently returned from an overseas eating frenzy.

Viv ordered the Scrambled Eggs, Kel had the French Toast and I had the Eggs Benedict. Looking at the words I’ve just written naming our food goes nowhere near describing the gastronomic heaven we all found ourselves transported to actually eating it.

Viv’s scrambled eggs came with beans on the side, which on their own were gorgeous. They also had bacon, and sausage slices, and were served on top of a potato and leek pancake. The full meal was way too big for a small girl like Viv, so she ended up leaving some, but it definitely wasn’t because she hated it! Kel’s choice of French Toast was stunning. It was served with bacon, and not maple syrup as we’ve come to expect but quince syrup, which on quizzing Amerie (apologies if I’ve mis-spelled that) the owner is a Waji product and was just gorgeous. It set off the French Toast beautifully.

My Eggs Benedict was a standard Benedict, but was also beautiful, with the Hollandaise (which I consider the test of a true Benedict) being perfect. I could have had any of the optional extras to accompany it, but I chose not to, and am glad I resisted the urge to be a total pig!

You know how small Hobart is? I didn’t know before I went there but my youngest daughter Bec’s best friend from Kinder onwards, Jean, is waitressing there, so served us. Another of Bec’s friends Kirri cooks there. Amerie was known to me through a few different sources, even though today was the first time I met her. Karen Goodwin-Roberts came in for coffees; my oldest daughter Nellie, Mr Nellie and the two junior Nellies also came in for coffees; one of my girlfriends from the monthly eating-out ‘club’ came in for breakfast with her husband and daughter. Good job I wasn’t trying to do anything illegal or illicit!

So – to sum up Smith St Store – bloody beautiful food; great service (but maybe that’s because I knew people, or maybe not!); good prices; variety; good vibe. If you’ve been remiss like Rita and not been there yet, there’s no excuse to put it off any longer.
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Tassiegal said...

Havent been there for YONKS. May have to investigate...though my heart is still with Jays Granola.
Had Yum Cha at Mee Wah today...I am fully stuffed and replete. Fairly full as well....

Anonymous said...

It often pays to take a look at those places you would not take a look at. I mean come on think about it; if a place has been there a couple of years it must be relying on its regulars. Repeat trade is the true acid test surely.
I think we talk too much of the well known, the swanky etc. Those places will survive, on image alone. Look more at those little back street places and those others you never thought of, I mean they have to have something or else......

Rita said...

TG - you are obviously back from your interstate trip. Hope all is well for you. We look forward to some more concentrated feedback about your dining out experiences soon.
I agree wholeheartedly with you Anon 11.41. It's the smaller back street places with a consistent clientele who will ultimately survive. My shame is that despite having had Smith St Store (and Meadowbank, BTW) on my 'to go to' list (which resides on my fridge, and which I obviously look at every time I get something out of the fridge) for well over a year, it has taken me this long to get there and eat. Obviously many others are way more motivated than Rita, and patronise this little gem of a place more often.
My 'to go to' list is compiled as the result of people, whose tastes and values I respect, recommending places.

Tassiegal said...

Rita my dear - is that a subtle hint to get off my arse and blog more regularly?

Anonymous said...

Tassiegal-Ritas not being gentle, your posts are very few & far between, in fact I've lost interest actually, when do you have ANYTHING to say these days?
In the words of J'Aime, 'I'm sorry but its true!'

Rita said...

TG - I was trying to be gentle, but yes, we'd love it if you could share a bit more with us than the quick 'note on the fridge' style.
You started off promising us so much, and I was really looking forward to your food adventures. So please get off your arse and blog more regularly! x

Tassiegal said...

Righto - I guess Ive been told!
Its just kinda hard to deal with life as well sometimes!

the Gobbler said...

Went there yesterday for cofee Rita, v.good & the place looks great. have admired it from afar but my first time in yesterday

Rita said...

Good on you Gobbler! Love your work!