Monday, 17 November 2008

Where's Clare?

Heard today that the chef at Tracks, the former Express Cafe at New Town Station Nursery, is none other than Clare Falconer, who, rumour has it, is doing a fabulous job there, and has a firm clientele. Some have even said it's THE place to go at the moment.

I must admit to having popped in there round Show Day for a quick snack, but they were full, so I lucked out that day. It seems I must make more of an effort so I can see what they're all talking about!
Posted on by Rita


Tassiegal said...

Hmm may have to go investigate....

Anonymous said...

I had to organise breakfast for a large group there one morning this week. The food was delicious and the service was second to none. There was not one complaint which is very unusual for this particular group! We'll be going back again both as individuals and as a group.