Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas has come early for happy Rita

Yes - let me shout it from the roof tops! What was it I told you a few days ago about my saddest moment for 2008 being when Gobbler pulled the pin on his blog?

Well, Steve has given me a fantastic early Christmas present today in the form of his new blog. He has called it The view from my porch, and the link is here on this page to your right.

I'm absolutely thrilled to see him back blogging. Let's hope he keeps it up.
Posted on by Rita


Anonymous said...

Second that Rita.


Susannah said...

It is indeed excellent news, Rita, and I enjoyed reading the first entry in the blog.

I hope you have a great christmas, and thanks for a year of blogging. It has been interesting, informative, thought-provoking and at times very, very funny. All the best to you, Christina, Cartouche, Sir Grumpy and all the regular posters.