Friday, 19 December 2008


Rita has been a bit on the quieter side this week because despite eating out a lot, the places I've been eating at are places I've already written about, and don't want to bore the pants off you writing about them again.

Lovely repeat lunch at Tracks yesterday, dinner at Le Provencal tonight, breakfast at Plum coming up this morning, lunches at Olive, Red Velvet and Farm Gate recently etc.

That's one of the things about blogging - there are so many places yet to be visited, but you DO find places you just simply enjoy eating at, so obviously want to eat there time and time again.

So - please forgive me for not posting as often as usual.

The Rita family are gathering for the Christmas period, with Rita this year rostered to cook the traditional Roast Turkey lunch at the special request of oldest grandchild, who loves her grandmothers particular skills in regard to roast dinners highlighting the crispy roast potato. As a teenager, in competition against my youngest brother, I managed to top him in eating a record number of roast spuds one Sunday lunch with the grand total of 15! YAY Rita! Sucked in Pip! Glad the family tradition of a passion and appreciation for a good roasted spud is continued through the generations.
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Anonymous said...

Rita, you really must try Hobnobs in Westbury next time you're up North. The menu changes and it's very friendly.
I recommend it heartily, meanwhile have a joyous Christmas and don't stress too much. Deb

Rita said...

Thanks Deb. I checked out the Hobnobs link to find that it's the Peter Wileman restaurant. Peter used to be at Drysdale, and is a lovely guy. I knew he left to go back into industry, & that's obviously where he went. So, yes, I must try and get there next year.
I'm looking forward to a lovely break as I have the full month of January off. There'll be lots of eating out, doing things with grandchildren, and just relaxing.
You have a joyous Christmas too.

Natalie said...

What kind of a gentleman would I be if I didn't let you win? I'm up for a no-holds-barred rematch when you are! Philip McPherson

Rita said...

Hey Pip (or Natalie - is there something you need to tell your big sister?) - I have handed the roast-potato-champion-eater baton to my 2 biggest piggy offspring (Miss & Pod) and grandchild Bree. I just know they will well & truly wipe the floor with you. Let's make Xmas Day this year the re-match day and you're on!

Anonymous said...

Roast potatoes are best done crushed! True. Boil some good spuds (dutch creams are great) with the skin on (washed) until just tender. Poor a little olive oil in a baking tray then put each drained potato in the pan and slightly mush them with a potato masher. Then spinkle more olive oil on, some garlic, rosemary and sea salt and bake until crispy!


HRV said...

Merry Xmas, happy New Year and enjoy your break Rita.


Rita said...

Great to hear from you, hrv - and the same to you and your family.

Anon2 & MKD said...

Have a great Xmas - Rita, Pip and family - get into those roast potatoes!
See you at the Taste, Rita! Which stall?

Rita said...

Anon2 - thanks, and ditto to you and Mon. The stall I'll be on will be selling salmon products. I have no clues as to when he has me rostered, or where the stall is situated! Looking good for Taste already?