Monday, 8 December 2008


Anonymous said...

This shop is one of the best kept secrets in Hobart.

They supply many restaurants and shops and if it's not on the shelves just ask and they will usually have it in the wholesale section at the back. Best imported Italian cheeses and products you won't find anywhere els. Always willing to stop and chat. They all love to talk food. Really excellent service. Always cheeper than the big two chains.

Bill said...

It was only last year that I discovered this wonderful supplier of all things Italian. Silly me, for years I had been importing Italian deli items from shops in Melbourne's Vic Market and here's a wholesaler right under our noses.
John and Max, who enthusiastically run this lovely business are committed foodies and good, friendly blokes. They have an Italian mate in Melbourne who supplies them with the BEST fresh Italian pork sausages I've ever had in my life. And that's a big statement. As I type this my wife, Jo, is in Italy and she says she can't find a pork sausage that even comes close to the Italian Pantry's.
I visit the boys every Saturday and my pantry, freezer and kitchen wouldn't be the same without them.
Get along to their new premises, across the road from their old place in Federal Street. You won't be sorry.
Bill H.

Andrey P. said...

The Italian Pantry is a godsend for anyone who enjoys good food and produce, sold by friendly people who are undoubtedly passionate about providing this great service. Their move to a new location (just across the street!) has allowed for expansion and further excellence.

Viva la Italian Pantry!