Friday, 5 December 2008

Next week, Launceston here I come....

Rita is excited. Next week she has work to do in Launceston - a lunchtime meeting at Mud Restaurant, and dinner at Fee and Me. Fee and Me is the one place I have been wanting to go to for years, and never found the opportunity.

So next Wednesday is the night. As I said, I am SO excited about this dinner date which is long overdue.

Fee and Me – here comes Rita!
Posted on by Rita


krinkly said...

Have you made your selection from the menu yet?

Rita said...

Thanks for the link krinkly. Now you've really whetted my appetite, as well as making the food decisions mega-hard now! I deliberately didn't look at their site prior to your comment, as I thought the full excitement package should be experienced all at once. Naturally I couldn't resist looking at the menu after reading your comment, and now realise what tough decisions face me on Wed night!
What a fabulous menu!
Now I'm REALLY excited, "and I just can't hide it, I'm about to loose control", etc etc (That's a song quote, BTW, in case you thought Rita had truly lost it).

Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself Rita.
I have eaten successive times at both these places. I have been let down in one of them too. So I am interested to hear what you say. I won't prejudice things any further, I might like to add that the let down was a bit of a one off, but never the less.