Monday, 5 January 2009

Announcing Rita's new blended blog and web sites

Apart from indulging in intensive holidaying, visiting relatives, and eating and cooking, Rita has been supervising the total upgrade, renovation and amalgamation of the Hobart Food for thought blog site, with the Rita’s Bite website.

Within the next few weeks you will log into the one site which has been totally revamped. The new look is totally different to the current site/s. We will loose a few pages from the web site but I think the convenience of amalgamating the two sites will be better for you, the reader.

I look forward to launching this new-look site, and hope you will like it.
Posted on by Rita


Kris said...

I'm looking forward to seeing it now!

rockoyster said...

Not as much as I am Kris!

Tassiegal said...

OH this will be FUN!

Susannah said...

Hi Rita

I'm also looking forward to the new improved blog (although i haven't found any fault with the old one!)

I called in to Ut Si's cafe on the return journey to Hobart after a christmas visit to the north. Had eaten far too much to do more than call in for a drink. Very nice iced coffee, and the Other Half had a berry smoothie (apparently the best he had ever tasted). The renovated church is really lovely.

I also had lunch at Cafe Kara the other day - a rather lovely pear, parmesan and rocket salad. The pear was crisp in texture but still sweet and juicy, and the dressing very lemony. Although the cafe was crowded (by other people who also chose to avoid the Taste), it was not overly noisy, and I could enjoy reading my book in relative peace.

As to the Taste - I can't resist a comment. I choose to avoid it, because I don't find the environment particularly pleasant, and can generally find food just as good (or better) elsewhere. Cafe Kara, as a recent example. This is not a criticism of those who love it, but I just choose not to go.

Happy new year, Rita.

Rita said...

Hi Kris - and a happy new year to you - you appear to be quite the whizz with your site anyway, so here's hoping you approve of the new Rita site.
RO - geez, don't do that to me! Sounds like you WILL be surprised if it all works out as it should!
TG - I think you will like it, as it's quite a girly look.
Susannah - great to hear from you again, and happy new year to you too. Glad you checked out Ut Si's Cafe. She was telling me that after my mention on the blog of the outstanding milkshake I had at Sip, she has gone to a lot of trouble to ensure they have great milkshakes there at Ut Si's. I would assume the Iced Coffee and smoothie are along the same lines.
Kara sounded like it was good. They seem to waver between fabulous and ho-hum there.

Anonymous said...

Had lunch at Kara before Christmas, fairly evident that the new owners are putting a lot of effort in to the place - noted amoungst other changes a new menu FINALLY after how many years?!

rockoyster said...

Will the new site be:

Rita's Bite (incorporating Hobart Food for Thought Blog)


Hobart Food for Thought (incorporating Rita's Bite)?

What's in a name? I wonder what the punters think?