Thursday, 15 January 2009

Oyster Cove Inn at Kettering

Firstly, I owe the hugest apology to Cartouche. Cartouche – please forgive me, for I have sinned!

I had to take another trip to Kettering today to replace my Lee bacon stocks – and the only bacon he had left in the place was marked with YOUR name. So I had to take that one!! But – before you send the boys round to Rita’s to rough her up a bit, Lee promised me he had an extra bit at home which he would reserve for you. I pray that is indeed the case, as I will feel mega-guilty if I’ve got the last bit of Lee bacon left in the world!

Anyway, taking on board Sir Grumpy’s comment that it had gone a bit quiet here on the blog over the last few days, I thought I’d visit somewhere new to write about. Lee recommended Mermaid Café (at the Bruny Island ferry terminal), but I got side-tracked on the way, and ended up lunching at Oyster Cove Inn.

There were positives and negatives about my experience today, but overall it was just OK. The food was exactly what you should expect at a country pub that is in the midst of being renovated. It was simply pub grub. Nothing to write home about, but not too bad either.

Not being overly hungry, I selected the squid. It was described on the menu as being salted, and served on greens with a Thai dressing, and was listed under the entrees at $15.

As you will see from the photo, it represented great value for money, as I got quite a plateful which was way more than I expected.

The squid was sliced quite widely, which I didn’t really like. I think I prefer my sliced squid to be more ribbon-thin. Apart from that, it was fine. Served with chips and the salad, it would have filled anyone, I reckon.

Their menu had the usual pub food – steaks, fish, chicken, and a few desserts.

I’d say the new owner could decide to go either of 2 ways, with the restaurant. He could keep it as it currently is, ticking along in an average way, serving all those who are happy to sit in that room with the most stunning view ever, surveying the marina, boats and water, or he could install a ‘name’ chef, and have it as a food destination: offer an accommodation and gourmet food package, maybe have cooking classes in off times. (I remember Greg James planning something similar down there many years ago when he had at-that-time-famous chef Rick Perry cooking there. The name Greg and Rick came up with for the planned cooking weekends was “Eat, Drink and Meet Perry” which I thought quite catchy and clever!). (BTW - what ever happened to Rick Perry – does anyone know? Last I heard of him, he had the licence at Tasmanian Inn, but that was ages ago. The food would have been gorgeous when he was there.).

Whatever, the new OC owner is spending heaps there, and adding a deck off the main restaurant overlooking the marina, which will be great in summer. When all is finished, it will be a great pub to visit, and I wish them luck.

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sir grumpy said...

The mermaid cafe is good, Rita but I don't think it opens for dinner...just morning and lunch but I'd double check.
Things change.
Good to see some progress at the Oyster Cove. Before the new bloke bought it, it was looking very sad.
It's a great spot and with say a little lift in food eventually, would make a great destination.

Rita said...

Yes, I agree Sir G. It has a lot of potential, and with more of a focus on regional food and some menu tweaking, they could have a real go-er there.

Anonymous said...


Rick is now an IT guru working just as hard but now gets weekends and nights off for family time. He has sold the Tas inn and to my knowledge is happily retired from the food industry. Oh the Panash (SP??) days have long gone. They did a lot for the food scene in the early 90's.


Rita said...

Thanks CR - and I totally agree with you about Rick and the heady Panache days. They did do a lot for the Hobart food scene. I miss Panache. Is Rick doing the IT work in Tas or did he move interstate?

rockoyster said...

I believe Mermaid Cafe is open for dinner Friday and Saturdays but you'd never be able to tell from their website. I've had lunch there and can recommend it. Fantastic location.

The Oyster Cove Inn website has been coming soon for an eternity.

For info the owner of the Pub is Garry Rogers who is some sort of wheel in the car industry and runs a V8 "Supercar" Team.

The Marina is owned by a chappie called Phil Boustead. He and Garry seem to be on the same side.

The plans for the marina development are well publicised but where the Pub is headed is anyones guess. Developments so far under the new ownership have all been positive.

I'd prefer a nice cosy Pub atmosphere than another Peppermint Bay.

rockoyster said...

Not strictly food related but a bit of news relevant to the outlook from the pub can be found here.

The Hungry Boy said...

Hi Rita I've recently started working at OCI, the chef has started
a new menu and the renovations are finished. Come check it out again, see if you like it any better.