Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Solicituous at Solicit

I checked out the meaning of the word Solicit (the previous Amulet, in North Hobart) in my dictionary. It said: "to ask repeatedly or urgently; request or invite; make or address with advances (a person or thing)". It also said “express wish for (of prostitute)” but I think we’ll leave that particular aspect of the definition!

I’m not really sure how John and Joan Mahindroo might have got to there as a name for their new restaurant, but whatever, the lunch Rita had there today was beautiful. It was John’s interpretation of Southern Fried Chicken, done in buttermilk, and served with a green dressed salad with accompanying blue cheese dressing (which was gorgeous), and a hot chilli dipping sauce. Priced at $17 for the dish, I found it great value for a tasty lunch.

Unfortunately they weren’t hugely busy today, but this is a weird time of year, when you might be flat out, or you might find time dragging immeasurably. Hospitality clientele are notoriously hard to predict at this time of year, with many still being away on holiday.

But – it worked in my favour, as Joan had time to sit and chat business with me, which was good, as well as informative.

I looked at the dinner menu while I was there and found it extremely tempting, so will have to return with a party one night and see for myself.

They have a website, which includes the lunch, dinner and dessert menu listings. Find them at www.solicit.net.au.

I recommend you pop into Solicit and see exactly what YOU can solicit!
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rockoyster said...

There is something dicky with the links to their menus on their website.

Would you like some tuition in how to include (clickable) links in your posts Reetz?

Anonymous said...

Cant go past the awful name, sorry?

Rita said...

Yes please RO.
Anon 9.10 - do you mean Solicit's name?

earmuffs said...

Rita, the name sounds sleazy. Puts me off me dinner, rather like a crack-Ho's den!

Wingnut said...

licit means "in accordance with law"; the opposite cf illicit.

Therefore solicit could be construed as meaning "like ... soooo legal". Definitely not a "Crack-Ho's Den" ... whatever that is.

Feel free to delete the paltry attempt at wit Rita as it clearly has nothing to do with food.

I wonder how many of your readers have passed up on a restaurant just because of the sign over the door.

earmuffs said...

Sounds like wingnutz feathers might be ruffled, well versed in meaning also they are too, perhaps even another restaurateur lurking on this blog maybe?, cadgeing for compliments!
Rita, sorry to offend, please dont bin me even if wingnutz breezilly gave you permission to do so (is Wingnutz a Queens Council?)just because I'm different to the others!
As to a sign over the door stopping me from entering, it already has, so move one bead across your abacus now wingnutz!

Rita said...

Earmuffs - sounds like we count you out of dining there?
Wingnut - thank you for clarifying the definition a bit more for us.
It's an interesting question you pose us as to whether or not the name of a restaurant puts people off going there.
I'm scratching my head and trying to think of some restaurant names which I've felt a bit iffy about. Can't think of any at the moment.

Some random questions for you:
Kafe Kaos isn't chaotic is it?
RVL hasn't got any red velvet present has it?
Catch don't catch their menu items?
Are the fish in a frenzy at Fish Frenzy?
Do Picalilli serve piccalilli (pickle of chopped vegetables and spices)?

Anonymous said...

Here's another one. Do the girls at Lotus Eaters , eat lotuses?

Rita said...

Good one Anon 7.22! Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Actually Piccalilly does serve Piccalilli. Fairly sure the all the others don't happen!

Muggle said...

Does Lee How Fook offer sex education classes?

Anonymous said...

Is Lee How Fook even owned by Lee?

Christina said...

How does Hog's Breathe make any money?

Rita said...

Good point Christina - with a name like Hogs Breath, you'd think no one would want to go there to eat fabulous food (that's if you happen to think their food IS fabulous).
And how did the person who originally thought of it actually come up with a name like that?

Curly Lasagna said...

Had a bit of a look on the internet for bad restaurant names. I quite liked the name of a tapioca tea place called Chewy Balls, but my favourite was The Golden Shower Restaurant.



rockoyster said...

Curly you are a shocker!

Does anyone know if Magic Curries in Battery Point is a front for Hogwarts?

sir grumpy said...

Don't know about Hogwarts, rockoyster but I am not a fan and when me and the missus drive past we go: abracadabra, magic curries disappear.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with the Hogs breath name, not something that makes you immediately want to rush in. Although a leap of faith may surprise those who have not been. Their steaks are pretty tender. OK they cheat with a long slow cook (but this breaks down the fibers),to quote the French "Manger avec un coulliere" to eat with the spoon, thats how tender.
I believe the name is linked to Harley Davidsons.
Feel free to send in the spelling police, particulary on the French translations, I'm way rusty.

Happy New year all.


Rita said...

Welcome back Cartouche. Trust you and the family had a good break.
Thanks for the enlightenment on the Hogs Breath name. Now you say it, I have heard something about Harley Davidsons and the name Hogs Breath. I don't mind their steaks and have to admit to having eaten there once a year in the past.
I don't think the spelling police will be required on this occasion!

rockoyster said...

The Solicit website has now been fixed so you can view their menus.

Solicitor said...

Thanks for the information you've shared. It helped me a lot in my homework today. Cheers!