Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Happy school days Izey

Rita's second grandchild - she of McDonalds Sandy Bay poo fame (see post of 2 years ago) - starts school tomorrow!

Surely it was just a few months ago that she was born. We've shared so many experiences over the past four years: we've holidayed together. I've babysat countless times. We've cooked together countless times. We've done sticking and glueing, played hide and seek; watched Sound of Music 50+ times (much to her parents utter disgust); sung countless Wiggles, Play School, Dora and Justine Clarke songs together. We've shopped together, and eaten in restaurants and cafes together.

And now she is starting school. What is that about?

Let's hope none of her teachers are Rita blog readers, and read the graphic description of her Sandy Bay Maccas day a few years back, in which case I have now wrecked her entire school life, and blown her credibility sky high.

Meemar (Rita) will be with her in spirit. Have a great day, sweet girl.
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steve said...

Its your sacred duty Rita as G.Mother to point out & get leverage on these moments, it will keep your influence afloat & sharpen your currency in their lives.
Whenever you might find your grand-spawn getting ahead of themselves in converstaion amongst their peers in which you happen to be fortuitously present, casually lobbing an incendiary grenade of personaly exposing info is your god given right as a person of the the third age!
Watching their reddening cheeks go from baby pink to a scorching & blushingly blotchey red as they & everyone else recounts the time they shitted their Soloman Grundies (undies) at the Sandy Bay Maccas all those years ago, is your payment in full for being a patient & thoughtful grandparent.

I personally cant wait!

Rita said...

I totally agree Steve. As the parent, pointing out those embarrassing childhood moments (of your offspring) in public to them, and maybe their friends, in later life gives you absolutely no currency, but a grandparent is that one generation removed so can more successfully pull this coup off!

I love your 'casual incendiary grenade' analogy too! It is indeed like that! Although I'm sure after one such episode, my grandchildren will ensure that never again will the socially inept grandmother be left in the same room as anyone outside the family, ever again!

Tassiegal said...

Trust me - us older cousins have arsenal as well. I'm still grinning at the massive GET IT OFF NOW email Ashie sent me about 6 months ago when I posted a picture of her when she was about 6 on facebook. She is 16 now and image is EVERYTHING. I still have the tutu pictures in reserve...much to her abject horror. Its part of the fun of being the grown up!

Anonymous said...

Hey be nice to them, remember, they might be choosing your nursing home!!!


Rita said...

Well done TG.
Cartouche - your sentence is repeated to me nearly daily when I make any judgement call to at least one of my children! In fact the sentence from my youngest child goes along the lines of "I'll be choosing that home where they use the kero to bath the oldies in"!
Mmmm, I feel quite reassured that at this stage I simply can't say or do anything now to correct a lifetime of any of my children's judgements.
Looks like Rita will be the cleanest, and most inflammable, granny in the aged care facility!

Anonymous said...

Brother Steve; your saccarine,opportunist observations make me queasy. Be humble in your literary aspirations.

steve said...

Hey anon 8.47-Cheers for the constructive critique! When next you collect your Nobel prize for Literature I'll be sure to book in for your first Adult Ed course!

Anonymous said...

geez that was just mean!

dare to dream said...

I agree anon 9.09, anon 8,47 was really being nasty! So what if steve is not a writer, should it preclude him or anyone else for that matter from following their dreams?

Anonymous said...

Steve-o-very funny! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Follow your dreams, but not at the sensibilities of the public.

Anonymous said...

If the publics sensabilities are troubled why do they continue to read, yet alone comment, anon 9.48?

in response to anon.9:56 said...