Monday, 9 February 2009

Thai Gardens, North Hobart

A quiet little achiever in the North Hobart hinterland is Thai Gardens (corner of Argyle and Ryde St). God knows how this restaurant has maintained its presence for so long. It’s a place I always recommend to people who consult me about somewhere cheap, cheerful, BYO, with good food, and where you can always get a table. Rita caught up last night with friends who hadn’t eaten at Thai Gardens before, who left as firm fans and will definitely return.

Usually with zany Jasmine running FOH (I was told she had a night off last night, as she wasn’t there), the cheerful service ranges from good to excellent.

The menu comprises the usual Thai fare so I won’t go into huge detail, but would highly recommend their version of Thai Green Chicken curry, and their Beef Massaman, as well as their Thai Fish Cakes (entrĂ©e) which I reckon come closest to the most genuine restaurant versions I’ve ever had. We had the traditional Banana Fritters for dessert, which were exactly what we wanted and as you’d expect – yummy. You may well think it impossible to stuff up Banana Fritters but believe me I’ve eaten a few doozies in the past!

Tuck this info away in your psyche, and when the time is right, get along there and see if you think Rita is right or not.

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Mary said...

Ahhhhhhh, thank you Rita. I recently walked past this place and wondered what it was like. Will definitely factor in a visit soon after reading your review.

Maggie said...

Rita, you've piped me at the post on this one! Was heading off to review next week. After reading your review I will pay a visit for sure.

Mary... do you want to come with Lucy and I next after we get back from Syd?

Rita said...

Hi girls - glad you're going along to check them out. They are also the sister restaurant to Siam Gardens in Bathurst St, so you'll find similar food there. I never go to Siam Gardens though as Thai Gardens is way easier to get to and park at, plus it's on street level, which Siam Gardens isn't. Us old ladies need to avoid stairs at all costs!

Lucy said...

My flatmate and I have been wondering about this restaurant for awhile, but haven't been brave enough to try it yet. When driving past, from the outside it looks like it's permanently closed/abandoned.

Thanks for reviewing it

Maggie said...

It was the banana fritters that got me interested! I love them (second only to fried ice cream). When I was a little girl, if we got good report cards from school we were allowed to go with our parents to the local Chinese restaurant as a reward. Banana fritters are one of my earliest childhood memories.

Anonymous said...

I've been there once..tried their fish me the fish cake is from the packaging where u can certainly get from CHinese emporium..their stir fried dish was too much sauce/water where it covered all the vegies..i wont really recommend this restaurant..will be back to try since rita has good comment..LEts see

Rita said...

Cheers Lucy.
Maggie - hearing you. Love bananas and deep fried food = recipe for success for me. Fifty-odd years ago Mum and Dad took us kids to either Kan Wan in North Hobart, or Golden Dragon in the city for special treats. The REAL special treat was if we got to have the Banana Fritters.
Anon 3.41 - you sound like you might be a specialist in Asian food, so if you already ate there and it wasn't to your liking, I don't think it's changed over the years I've been going there, so whatever you didn't like about their food previously, I think you still won't like. Please try again if you want, but I have a feeling that it won't meet your needs I'm afraid.
Whilst not being Thai myself, I eat and cook regularly with my gang of Thai girlfriends. I know the taste of their food is quite different to what I've ever had in Thai restaurants, so that's the comparison I make.
My Thai friends judge Thai restaurants totally differently to me.

kitty said...

Hi Rita
love the new look blog and love Thai garden - I also saw Nellie's oldest's back to school photo today - aaawwhhh.

Rita said...

Hi Kitty - great to hear from you again. Serendipitous as I was thinking about you yesterday..!
Mmmm, I contemplated putting that pic of Izey on her first day at school on the blog here, given I wrote a post last week mourning how time flies and here she is already starting school. Somehow I think I've done her enough damage publicising our Maccas experience, so felt that maybe proud granny should restrain herself on this occasion!