Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Zep's in Campbell Town

Zep’s in Campbell Town is a place everyone must be familiar with. They’re the traditional watering hole and halfway mark for those traversing the island from either end. There are quite a few food choices in the town but I think Zep’s are the best.

They are principally Italian, so have many menu items which are typically Italian, but they also have a variety of other food, either to eat in or take away.

They have meeting rooms attached which can be booked and which offer a high standard of service.

Rita attended a meeting there today, along with others from Burnie and Launceston so it was a convenient meeting place for everyone.

For lunch I ordered the Antipasto platter for one, which, at $10, I thought excellent value for money. Two of the others had a Caesar ($14 from memory), which they said was alright, but not outstanding.

I wouldn’t travel to Campbell Town specifically for a meal at Zep’s but for what they provide, I reckon you can’t do too much more than enjoy a bit of time out from the drive north or south and have a meal or snack there.
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Anonymous said...

All those ingredients pictured come from Deaks who sell a whole lot of antipasti except the pita bread & maybe that slice of cheese?
Boy those Italian know how to open a can these days!

Anonymous said...

Well what do you want Anon? They should grow their own artichoke hearts then pickle them? raise their own animals then make their own salamis? Grow their olives and preserve them?

Anonymous said...

Are they not Italian?
If not, why mention that they are, if not to draw upon & maximise their claims as superior foodies to the rest of us?
Then yes anon, perhaps if we are to believe their standing, they should make more of an effort than to use scissors to lop the top off plastic bags of food?!
We can all do that.
You wont see us milking our culinary hertiage in cynical attempt to get cred though!

Rita said...

Don't read too much into my statement that Zep's menu is predominantly Italian, Anon 9.16. That reference was sheerly for the info of anyone who perchance might not have been there, in order to provide them with specific info about the food style/choice options. I definitely was drawing no conclusions about whether or not Italian food is more superior or inferior to any other type of food.

Susannah said...

Hi Rita

For many years I have been a fan of Zepps, and a stop there was manadatory on trips to the north of the state. In the past year or so I have noticed a bit of a decline. Sometime service has been a bit patchy, and the food, while mostly still good, seems to have a bit of a mass produced feel about it.

I still think it is the best stop in Campbelltown, but having stopped at Ut Si's new place in Perth over the Christmas period, I think my regular rest and revive stop has moved just a bit further north. Perth is probably too close to Launceston to be a "half way stop", but for anyone (like me) who is travelling beyond Launceston anywat, Perth might be a quieter, and potentially more interesting, stop.


Tassiegal said...

I always used to stop at Zepps for a takeaway sandwich and milkshake when coming back from the North when I was working. I'd then drive down to Peters Pass and eat there. Its ok, not spectacular stuff.