Saturday, 4 April 2009

Happy 60th birthday Rita

On the eve of Rita’s 60th birthday, I thought I’d document those 60 years with a few random illustrations depicting the aging process. This is also a tribute to Rita’s “whew” factor – the factor which saw her through a diagnosis of terminal cancer in November 1992, with a projected life expectancy of 4-6 months. Every year, on the anniversary of the (eventual) life-saving operation, Rita heaves the biggest sigh of relief and gratitude to whatever factor it was which caused her to be allowed to shake free of the shackles of cancer and commence living life to the fullest - and eating her way forward to reach 60!

Pic number one shows toddler-Rita with Mum in 1950, in Sandy Bay.

Pic number two shows Rita (far left) with her two sisters and Mum, being flowergirl at a family friends wedding in 1960. The reception was held in at a private home in Sandy Bay Road which was much later converted into what is now the accommodation venue named Gattonside.

Pic number three shows a youthful Rita all dressed and ready for a hard days work at the Hydro in May 1968. Rita’s impeccable style is obvious here, and you should note the twinset (for any youngsters who might not know what a twinset is: it’s a short sleeved, usually lightweight woollen jumper topped with a matching cardigan) plus matching coloured handbag, gloves and, although you can’t see them, let me hasten to assure you, the shoes matched as well – always! The fortnightly, princely wage Rita received for this clerical job was $42. This pic was taken outside the house where Rita boarded, in Sinclair Avenue, Moonah.

Pic number four shows a very chilled out Rita at St Helens a few years ago. Our East Coast is amongst the favourite relaxing spots for intrepid Rita who is definitely not a fan of the camping and roughing-it scenario – something she handed on in the genes to a few of her children, the oldest of whom (Princess Nellie) immediately springs to mind!

Well, that's it for the family snaps! Rita will spend the birthday eating - starting with a breakfast at Nellies, and ending with a degustation at Marque IV. Long live Rita's Bite!

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steve said...

Have a very happy birthday Rita & long live Rita's Bite
Cheers Steve

Rita said...

Thanks Steve, and thanks also for the beautiful, delicious present! I was forced to have pasta for dinner last night for the pleaure of using some of it! x

Maggie said...

Happy birthday Rita. I hope you will have many more fabulous meals. All paid for by other people, as it is your birthday!

Anon2 said...

Have a great 60th Rita. Enjoy!
Cheers and many happy returns
Anon2 and Mon

ut si said...

What a bonny wee bairn you were Rita. Hope you drink something better than a bloody strawberry milkshake tonight!
Congrats to you.

Maggie said...

Hi Rita,

Just a note on your food news. Clare Falconer is indeed working at Criterion, but only for the next week as George Falconer takes a well earned break. She will then move to Tricycle Cafe at Salamanca the week after.

Anonymous said...

And many happy returns.


Christina said...

Happy Birthday Rita,
Found a computer I can use.
Have a wonderful day!
We're thinking of you and sending our best wishes.
Love the photos,
Christina and Phil

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Happy birthday.

Tassiegal said...

Happy Birthday Rita - you look half your age!

Rita said...

Thanks Maggie, Anon2, Mon, Ut Si, Cartouche, Christina, Kzee & TG.
TG - I WAS half my age in most of those pics!!!

hrv said...

Happy Birthday Rita

sir grumpy said...

Happy birthday from Cartouche's shit-stirring twat (!) Rita.
Blimey, talk about loss of levity.

Blue Mtns Chef said...

I'm a little late to the party (as per usual), but all the very best wishes from us up on the north island.

Susannah said...

Belated birthday wishes, Rita, and keep up this amazing blog!