Thursday, 30 April 2009

Infusion review courtesy of T

I received the following review from one of my wonderful readers, T, and thought it would be great to publish it here on the blog. She went there for dinner last night. I hope it inspires many others to pop along to Infusion, as it did me.....Thanks T

I thought I would write to you and let you know of my experience at Infusion and what a lovely experience it was! We decided to go in at about 6pm. There was only one other table in at this stage. Staff promptly meet us at the door and let us choose where we wished to sit. Service was prompt but by no means did we feel rushed at any stage. Once given the menu I must admit I was very nervous about making a selection. To me it was very 'mixed'. I got the feeling they are still trying to find their feet and have not decided which direction to go in.

There was a range of things including pakoras, spring rolls, duck salad and soup of the day and satay chicken breast, braised beef cheek, risotto, pork belly. For entree we had the Duck with orange and ginger dressing. Mains were Braised beef check with star anise and red wine jus on celeriac mash and Fennel and salt rubbed pork belly with apple and walnut(?)salad. The Duck salad was nice but I felt it lacked that extra something. Simple pre cooked duck breasts shredded on a garden salad with an orange and ginger dressing.

Once our plates were cleared it was only about 15 minutes until our mains came out and let me tell you... nobody could be disappointed in what was served. I dont say this often but 'wow'. My beef was mouth watering, no knife needed and the flavour of the jus was wonderful. Everything matched really well together. My partner had to sacrifice a few mouthfuls of his pork belly which he wasn't very happy about and this was just as good as the beef! The salad was fresh and worked well with the pork belly. It helped cut through the fat in the pork. This with 3 glasses of wine, wine list still the old Mojo one, which in my opinion should have been reprinted to remove the Mojo label. A bowl of homemade wedges and aioli came to the grand total of $98.00. The only thing I was a little shocked in was the $18.50 price tag on the Duck entree.

By the time we left there were around 30 other people dining, the owner wandered the room and was talking to the customers, but not in an intrusive manner and all the staff asked us how our meal was and they actually seemed like they generally cared. All in all... Bring on the take away, I will definately be going back! Hope you make it in there soon Rita. You will enjoy! Oh and I am looking forward to the first Foodies get together!

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Anonymous said...

I tried to go to Infusion on Tuesday night (drowning sorrows of a bad day and worth the expenditure of eating out), but found it all locked up, dark and no sign of life or indication of opening hours?


Rita said...

Hey TJ - I just spoke to owner about hours of opening. He's seeing how things go currently, but as things stand today, their opening hours are:
Open 7 days per week - but -
on Sunday nights, Monday nights and Tuesday nights they close (at round 4.00 pm).
They open weekdays at 10.00 am. Weekends with the breakfasts they open 8.00 am.
The takeaways will be introduced soon.