Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunday ramblings

Many have commented lately on my quietness on the blog. They’re correct. I have been quiet. I think I’m like many who have stopped a lot of their usual spending and eating out, and questioned themselves about whether or not they should go out for a meal, especially when I myself have a perfectly good array of food at home in my pantry, fridge and freezer.

Over the last few years I have eaten out, and reviewed, at least one venue per week. I set myself a high precedent, especially for these economic crisis days. Much as it pains me to desist, I have to be prudent. I have to curb my previous attitude of ‘let tomorrow take care of itself’. I must return to my thrifty childhood memories of going without personal pleasures, and batten down the hatches. I must be frugal – much to the delight, I'm sure, of fellow blogger Whitey, the master of frugality.

So – I apologise to all. I can’t write just for the sake of writing. I must feel the passion. So, if I’ve got nothing to say on any particular day, that’s how it is. I have a few places in my sights to eat at, but am measuring my forays out into the world of restaurants, and stacking it up against the bills I have to pay this week! What a sad way to live, but unfortunately, c’est la vie!

Meanwhile, it’s sounding good at the former Café Mojo in South Hobart, now rebranded as Infusion, operating under the care and love of Vanidols owner, and doing weekend breakfasts. General feelings of bonhomie abound, both with staff and customers. I like it. I will be eating there soon, I promise.

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Tenille said...

I can't wait to try Infusion. Hopefully T/A will be available soon - and another place for me to go for weekend b'fast!!

Tassiegal said...

Rita - I think we are all feeling a bit like that at the moment. I know myself I want to eat out, but I just cant justify it.
I think also the weather isnt helping...I'd rather proper autumn/winter, and not this lovely Indian summer which we seem to be getting glimpses of.

sir grumpy said...

Hello Rita. Maybe in these straitened times my chips and pickled onions night might get a guernsey.
By the way, I know you back Wings and even mention them on your site, saying ask for a discount etc.
However....I have been using this place for years but am getting more and more pissed off by the grumpy attitude of the bloke in there.
There are signs about security everywhere and my missus feels he watches everyone like they are shoplifters.
It doesn't really endear you to the place. I'm on the verge of telling him to cheer up and be NICE to the customers or lose them and me forever.

Rita said...

Tenille - if you go soon, please tell us about it.
TG - good to see someone else reining it in.
Sir G - after your last complaint about Wings (ages ago), I took notice of you and removed them from ym recommended list of shopping outlets! Didn't you notice? So - please feel free to do or say whatever you feel appropriate with them.