Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Kuzina revisited

(I have swapped the pics here, deleted the crap one of the gnocchi and added one I took when I dined at Kuzina again this evening (Friday) of our Garlic Prawns cooking.)

I intended eating last night at Infusion, but damn! They were closed! Guess who doesn’t take notice of her own blog? Didn’t feel like cooking, having driven back from Launceston, so kept driving to Kuzina – that being the next on my list of ‘to go to’s’.

I’m ashamed to tell you I obviously hadn’t booked, and walked in off the street with no booking – a huge no-no in Rita’s book of etiquette. Luckily the staff were understanding, and forgave this grave misdemenour!

I have to say Nick didn’t exaggerate when he told me I couldn’t fault anything there at Kuzina. The service was exemplary. The food stunning. I absolutely loved it and will definitely return soon.

I had a Butterscotch Cocktail, which knocked my socks off with its beautiful-ness. I had a garlic prawns entree, cooked (nearly) at the table – showing my age but even though it’s a straightforward dish to cook, when someone else makes it for you, it’s gorgeous. I then had (entree sized) the Apprentices Special – a gnocchi with Talegio sauce, walnuts and grilled pear – an inspired combination which really worked. The apprentice bought it to the table which was great too, so Rita could quiz him on it!

The most important thing that shone through was all staff's enthusiasm and passion for what they were doing. Just after I had been seated, a chef came out of the kitchen to enquire what I was thinking about eating tonight and asking could he provide me with any guidance. Suspicious Rita immediately asked why was he asking and did he regularly come out of the kitchen to ask guests this question, to which he replied that he regularly did in fact do this. I think this is the most wonderful initiative. If I got treated like this by more chefs (in their quieter times, naturally), I assure you I, and everyone else in Hobart, would be eating there constantly.

Stupid Rita had left her wallet at home in her hurry to go out and forage for dinner, so also lucky for her, they trusted her to return tomorrow and pay – the total was $46 worth of money well spent.

So – you’re right Nick – as hard as I tried to find something wrong, there was absolutely not one thing I could fault. The water was topped up constantly; the dining room was immaculate; the staff mega-friendly and helpful, as well as timely with their service; the napery, cutlery and crockery sparkling; the menu covered all tastes and was explained well, and priced accordingly. Well done Kuzina.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rita You didn't say how many othere were dining at the restaurantlast night, were you the only one? What was the ratio of staff to customers? and I would say that any chef who has got time to come out of the kitchjen obviously isn't busy enough.

Rita said...

There were two other tables (one of 6, one of 8) there as well as me. Two floor staff, and, I think, 3 kitchen.

Stephen said...

Kuzina has been on my list for some time now. Looks good.

PS: I don't see any problem with not-booking. An unexpected customer is preferable to an empty table.

Rita said...

My thoughts exactly Stephen!

Anonymous said...

Yes its true better to have one that rocks up than none.
BUT it is courteous to book & does give the restaurant every chance to prepare to meet & hopefully excede your expectations.

Anonymous said...

Yes, very inspired if it was original. Next time you quiz the apprebtice ask him exactly which website he pinched that recipe from.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita,
Are you aware that industrylink's third year apprentice's graduation exam dinners are being held at Kuzina restuarant?
The first fourteen course degustation dinner, featuring the style of Careme,(1800's) was a fabulous evening.
Next Monday 25th May features Escoffier this dinner is based on the Titanic's first class menu, which Escoffier designed. This is a sell out.
So... if any of your readers wish to experience one of these delightfull events, there is one more on 15th June, featuring modern influential British chefs.
Cost is $125.00.
I read the add in the Sunday Tasmania, but by the time I got around to booking the first dinner was sold out! so I'm going to the Titanic dinner, (also now fully booked!)
My advice.... Get in quick if you want to book the last one!

Rita said...

Hi Anon 3.01 - thanks for that, and yes, I did know about the upcoming dinner this coming Monday night. I would love to go along but can't get anyone to come with me, so had to settle for another meal there this evening - which once again was fabulous!