Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Do you like your pizzas available 24/7?

Pizza vending machine, eh?................I found this online, and can see someone importing it some time..............

Pizza- makers scorn vending machine
'No threat' from invention that makes pizza from scratch

2009-03-16 19:02

(ANSA) - Rome, March 16 - Italian pizza makers said Monday they were unfazed by news that a Rovereto businessman has developed the world's first automatic vending machine for freshly made pizza. ''Something that comes out of an automatic machine has nothing to do with Italian pizza,'' said Pino Morelli, head of the Association of Italian Pizzerias (API), dismissing 56-year-old entrepreneur Claudio Torghele's 'Let's Pizza' invention. ''It might be alright for McDonalds and other fast-food chains or for foreign markets like the US, China and India, but anyone wanting to eat a real pizza has to go to a traditional pizzeria''.

Torghele's machine, which is set to debut in Italy and neighbouring countries this summer, cooks pizza from scratch in three minutes, first beating flour and water into dough and stretching the mixture into a disc before adding tomato sauce and fresh ingredients. Torghele told the New York Times that customers can choose from four varieties (cheese and tomato, vegetable, ham or bacon) and pizzas will cost as little as 3.5 euros - a couple of euros less than the price in a sit-down pizzeria. Customers can follow the progress of their pizza through little windows in the machine.

Morelli said he did not think the public would abandon pizzerias as a result of the invention, pointing out that Italian pizza-makers are ''envied and in demand across the world''. ''The craft of the pizza-maker has been rediscovered and the number of people wanting to learn the art of the pizza is growing,'' he said, noting that professional courses saw a 25% increase in uptake this year. ''It's a reliable and well-paid craft - for instance, an Italian pizza-maker can earn 7,000 euros a month in Australia, excluding food and lodging''. Morelli added that while pizza makers ''certainly do not fear competition from any machine'', the image of the Italian staple could be at risk from the venture. ''The pizza is a symbol of the Made in Italy brand, and we should let it live and prosper in peace,'' he said.

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Anonymous said...

just put one in an area of high cannabis use and re-name it the munchie-matic. Make a fortune until the bikies move in and demand a pizza the action.

sir grumpy said...

We've already got this Rita. It's called McCain, its available 24/7 from the freezer and the microwave will cook it presto.

Anonymous said...

First anon, I giggled out loud reading your response, very funny.
I would go further & suggest a 'customer making machine'.

Anonymous said...

speaking of pizza... the new Ciuccio (Cooch) in Salamanca Square (where Sugo used to be) does fantastic wood fired pizzas.. seriously good.

(fyi - Ciuccio apparently means Donkey or Dummy... and apparently named after the new owner!)