Thursday, 28 May 2009

Lunch in Launceston

You will have observed, if you’re a regular Rita-reader, that I travel around a lot as part of my job. As a result of this, I get to eat at many places of many different standards. Last week, if you recall, it was Launceston’s Country Club. Today it was a quick trip to Launceston for a business lunch – which today was at Hotel Grand Chancellor.

You will therefore imagine my surprise to be served a main course of Beef Wellington served with a herb and potato gallette, prosciutto wrapped fresh asparagus and a port thyme jus lie which was absolutely stunning! I totally empathise with chefs when catering for bulk amount of punters at functions where most will come away with some form of complaint about the food.

It’s a thankless task, so I understand the usual mediocre food dished up at such occasions. Today at HGC in Lonny I was overjoyed to be proven wrong!

I just couldn’t believe it when I took the first mouthful, chewed it, tasted it and swallowed it (taking for granted it would taste like the usual pap). It was gorgeous! WTF? I took another mouthful, slower and more hesitant this time. Again – beautiful! After that, I tuned out to the conversation around me, and settled in to thoroughly enjoy and appreciate this delightful food.

When staff cleared back, I whispered (speeches were happening then) that it was the most enjoyable beef meal I’d had at a function since I don’t know when, and hoped they’d pass on my gratitude to chef, and I sincerely hope they did.

So – take a bow HGC in Launceston! Pay that chef more so you keep him. He’s worth it.

I met an interesting couple at lunch, who own somewhere called the Northern Club, which I’m now dying to eat at after listening to their food and chef tales, so on my next trip up there, that’s exactly where I’ll be heading for a meal!

Also popped in for the obligatory hot choc stop at Ut Si’s in Perth. Bought a loaf of her freshly baked crusty Mixed Seed Bread, which I must say, is stiff competition to Steve’s beautiful bread at RVL at Cygnet. It’s a toss-up for me which one I prefer, so as usual I’ll sit right on the fence here and say both are the best! Also couldn’t resist a slice of her Pine Nut and Lemon Syrup Cake which was exactly what I felt like, and equally gorgeous.

Much as I hate the drive between the south and north of the state, if you have to do it as part of your job, what better place to be doing it than Tasmania?

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Anonymous said...

The photo doesnt look like any beef wellington ive ever seen but we take your word for it rita

Anonymous said...

I see pastry, Beef and I'm guessing what looks like Pate, thats a Beef Wellie in my book. The presentation is the signature.


Christina said...

That looks just beautiful Rita! My favourite meal, Beef Wellington.
Heading up to Launny ourselves tomorrow with lots of dining out planned.
Brother in law and his mate over from Sydney to go to V8's with Phil, so probably lots of pub meals, but I have Sunday lunch with Aunts and cousins to plan. I'll let you know how that goes.

Tassiegal said...

Am heading up to Campbell Town on the 19th of June...may drive a little further after the meeting to Perth to get to the Cafe....

Anonymous said...

Out of season asparagus? Perhaps somebody should alert GP?

T. said...

Just on the eating out when you travel, Im heading to melbourne for one night at the end of the month and need to know any good (outstanding places) to eat. With plenty to choose from i need ideas! Help?!

Anonymous said...

Attica, Movida, Bar Lourinah, Verge and Bottega.

Christina said...

Just to let you know how we went dining wise in Launceston over the weekend, we had a late lunch at the Metz on Saturday.
It wasn't bad actually. Five of us just ordered a couple of pizza's, nachos and wedges for the boys. Not bad at all really.
Dinner Saturday night was forgotten as the boys decided they'd much rather keep drinking but great hospitality was had at Irish Murphy's. A late night kebab at the takeaway opposite Royal on George was very welcome and lovely and fresh at 1am!
Lunch with the ladies was at the casino on Sunday. Not sure exactly of the name of the lounge but it was budget and hit the spot with me craving some vegies after the night before. $10 for Schnitzel Parmagiana. Same for large Roast of the Day {lamb on this day}.
Dinner Sunday night was at Tassie Devil Restaurant and Bar at the Harley Davidson Dealership on Westbury Road. Bloody fantstic this was!
I dined on Lamb Rump with chargrilled capsicum, rosemary potatoes and salad $29.50. Just fantastic, maybe if I was to be super fussy, a tad overcooked, but greatly enjoyed.
Jen had a great Beef Burger with the lot and Steve had what he declared the best chicken parma he's ever had. Less than $20 for each of these, the burger about $15 I think.
Phil and Darren had scotch fillet with my husband the Steak King declaring it one of the best steaks he's ever had, even at the price of $32.50 each.
This venue is such a great place! Friendly staff and hosts, a wonderful band, even on a Sunday, great food and very clean premises and well laid out.
Check out their web site and if you're up that way I highly recommend that you drop in.
Alas no time to call in to Ut Si once again. Next trip I will time manage better, or not take three guys who are far too casual to fit in all I have to do. I didn't even get to shop!