Wednesday, 6 May 2009

More on the Tasting/eating 'club' idea

Let’s Eat!

Hi, I’m Claire and I have been plotting with Rita to establish an eating group here in Hobart.
This is the original article that got us started. You might like to have a read of it so you can see where our ideas are coming from and what we would like to achieve.

From now on I am going to deal with the admin side of things: getting info out to you, taking the bookings and keeping you up to date with what is happening.

To make this a successful venture there will need to be some rules. These can be discussed at our first get together on Monday the 18th May at the Grub Café at 7pm. Days and times, locations, numbers, themes and guests are all open for discussion.

The most important thing to remember is that it is not a cooking class, but an eating group. The Grub Café is letting us use their premises to eat, not particularly their kitchen to prepare. So please try and make your meal as ready to eat as possible when you arrive.

The theme for dinner this month is ‘My Favourite’. As an introduction and to help get the group underway, please bring along a favourite dish, something that you love to prepare and/or eat.

Please book at the Grub Café on 6228 6450 or contact me at to confirm your place. There will be a restriction on numbers and it will be first in best dressed. Turning up on the night unannounced will not be acceptable.

As we get the group going we will establish a website/blog spot and an email address where the dates of dinners will be listed and you can book for those that appeal to you. A newsletter or some form of regular update will be established to keep you informed of all upcoming dinners, special guests and other relevant information.

I look forward to meeting you on the night, tasting your favourite dish and listening to lots of great ideas.

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sir grumpy said...

Are you offering any shoppa-docket discounts?

Rita said...

But of course Sir G! Why do you think I posted that last entry?

sir grumpy said...

From reading Steve's blog I think he may be bring duck, Rita.
I can never work out how to leave a comment on his blog, which probably pleases him no end.

Stephen said...

Interesting bit of plagiarism in the PO Box this morning.

Its a menu from the Bay Hotel in Sandy Bay which appears to be marketing itself as a gastro-pub (I hate that phrase - no restaurant should seek to have their name anywhere near the word, 'gastro'.)

Anyway, the menu has a quote prominently printed on its cover:

"a decaying old building has been transformed into a lively and vibrant venue abundant in community cool but losing none of its pub values - the bay hotel is a local pub for city folk"Similar text also appears on the Bay Hotel's website:

The quote isn't attributed, so I did a search to see if it had appeared in a review etc. What did I find? One other match - an almost exact quote for a hotel in WA:

"A previously decaying old icon has been transformed into a bustling and vibrant venue abundant in community cool but losing none of its pub values. [...] The Brisbane is a local pub for city folk."

Someone at either the Bay Hotel or the Brisbane Hotel wasn't even bothered to fake their own review, instead they took the next step and plagiarised one instead!

Stephen said...

...another scenario is that there was an actual reviewer who plagiarised someone elses work and the Bay Hotel innocently picked it up.

In fact, having seen the Media Watch special last night I wouldn't be surprised if it was the work of a lazy journalist/advertorial writer.

sir grumpy said...

Stephen, I miss that ``old decaying'' pub, just as I miss the Woodbridge Hotel.
Gone for god-awful modern abominations.
As for as the term Gastro-pub. This seems to have come into being in London and as the locals don't use the term ``a bout of gastro'' to denote spewing and the shits, it has a far more acceptable ring(!).

steve said...

Your comments are funny Sir G, on the whole(!)
If you want to leave a comment on my blog, feel free, just choose name or url, then type in Sir Grumpy & you're away

Stephen, is that the old Dr Syntax your talking about? If so I heard Scott is cooking there.

Stephen said...

Not Dr Syntax. I assume its the one nearer Taroona that had the planning strife a couple of years ago.

Stephen said...

Grumpy, I hadn't picked up that the UK didn't use the 'gastro' slang.

Learn something new every day.

Rita said...

It IS the Syntax, isn't it?

sir grumpy said...

But I agree, Stephen, for us Gastro-pub is a shocker.
I was amused when I first arrived on these shores in my new office to be told a bloke was off sick.
``He's in bed with a wog,'' my offsider said. ``Half his luck,'' was my bemused reply, thinking to myself this was indeed the lucky oountry. You could take time off for that!!!???
Now that was a top culture clash and is probably racist and sexist these days but was innocent and made in good-faith conversation then.

Anonymous said...

yes it is the syntax!!

Anonymous said...

Knew someone who went to the Bay Hotel(it is the old Dr Syntax for your information Stephen) in the last few days & was greatly underwhelemed, found it too sterile & unwelcoming & the food , so so. They are obviously trying to iron out a few things but there will be lot of people eager to try Scott Butlers cooking & judging by the amount of opinions aired on this & other sites, I hope for their sake they get onto it quickly. The dining/commenting public dont pull their punches.

Stephen said...

Anon, I was similarly underwhelmed with my meal last night at Grain (the old Maypole pub). Very ordinary food and an ordinary wine selection (given that it also claims to be a wine bar).

Every table was packed though.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Grub Cafe for the food club? I'm thinking of coming along.
thanks. rachael

Rita said...

Hi Rachael
It's in New Town Road, New Town, just past the intersection of Pirie St with New Town Rd, on the right as you're travelling towards Moonah. If you get to New Town Newsagents and Pharmacy, you've gone too far. It's near a tiny hairdressers, and doggy beauty parlour which are also on the right as you're travelling north. Also opposite Gordon Browns Antique Shop.