Monday, 22 June 2009

Das Zimmer

I was contacted by Sean from Das Zimmer yesterday. I commend Sean for his resourcefulness in using every possible outlet he can for publicizing his venue, and as such, am more than happy to write about it here, without even having seen it, or been there (as yet).

Basically, Sean and business partner Anthony have taken on the upstairs area only of Bar Celona. This means it is a separate entity from the downstairs area more commonly known as Bar Celona (somehow, whenever I hear those two magic words ‘Bar Celona’, the inside of my head sings My Sharona! Sorry, I digress!).

Sean is a South African in his late 20’s who originally came to Hobart in 2005 to study at Drysdale. He loves it here, and is passionate about hospitality, hence his desire to really make a go of it at Das Zimmer.

The main selling point about Das Zimmer, according to Sean, is that their desire is for people to feel like they’re in their own living room – sitting, chatting, eating a plate of food now, having a drink, chatting, sitting relaxed for a few hours, feeling like a bit more to eat, grazing on another plate of food, another drink, maybe more chatting – whatever. The imperative isn’t to get 100 bums on seats all through the evening but to provide everyone who goes there with the ultimate in a hospitality experience – food, drinks and service.

You can come into Das Zimmer (Wednesdays to Saturdays) at 5.00 pm (when they open), have a leisurely graze, a drink, relax, take it easy, meet friends, sit all evening, then leave when they close at 3.00 am if you want to. They are also happy to open other times for functions etc., whatever is required.

In the July edition of Gourmet Traveller, one of their cocktails has been selected as the Cocktail of the Month (French edition). To celebrate this, the boys have decided to make the whole month of July a French month at Das Zimmer – so the menu will feature such traditional French menu items as French Onion Soup, Chateaubriand (if they can get the appropriate cut of meat), Coquilles St Jacques, Croque Monsieur (or Madame), Beouf Bourgignon etc.

The website that you get to when you Google ‘Das Zimmer Hobart’ is the previous site, so disregard the menu and phone numbers, and use either of the two mobile numbers below to reserve a table.

Examples of what is currently on their menu include:
Green pea and ham hock soup $7
Smoked quail rillettes with house baked bread and corn relish $10
Pea, pancetta and goats curd risotto $15
Braised beef cheek with soft polenta $19
Butter glazed broccolini, brussel sprouts and snow peas $9
Garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes $9
Honey roasted pear tart with vanilla ice cream $12
Apple and rhubarb crumble with KI cream $12

I intend going to eat there soon, and will report back to you about what I find. Meanwhile, I recommend you try and get along there, and see how you find it – you never know – you actually might like it there!

Below is their official ‘blurb’…….
“Located in the heart of Hobart, Das Zimmer provides an experience that is unique to this wonderful city. Offering a full food menu and extensive wine list until 3am it is the perfect setting for a relaxing evening or post dinner drink without the crush of people or deafening music. The quirky loft space is divided into private booths complete with luxurious lounges and subtle lighting, with the option of complete privacy via opulent velvet drapes that can be closed to shut out the rest of the world.
The list of cocktails has been carefully chosen with heavy emphasis on classic drinks with subtle twists, while the selection of wines strikes a balance between old and new world without forgetting the fantastic local products available to us.
The ability to select from a full food menu until the early hours of the morning sets Das Zimmer apart from anything else in Hobart; with the last flight arriving around 10pm historically food choices have been limited to fast food outlets or your hotel’s night menu, Das Zimmer offers a wide choice of small or large plates, sensational desserts and a wonderful selection of local and imported cheeses from 5pm until 3am Wednesday to Saturday.
On your next visit to Hobart be sure to include a visit to Das Zimmer high on your “to do” list, you won’t be disappointed.

Das Zimmer
23 Salamanca Square, Hobart
Anthony: 0408 342 955
Sean: 0404 190 233”

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Anonymous said...

I'm definitely interested Rita. I didn't know they do food there so will make sure I go next time I'm up for dinner out.

Anonymous said...

Rita, this is well written, but completly unsubstantiated. I've been to Zimmer, and know all these things to be true... but you don't. How can a writer have credibility if they are prepared to publish any old material without checking their facts first?

I know you did rightfully tell us you haven't been yet but my advice in future would be to hold onto your info until you can support it with your experience.

People read food blogs because they are looking for an opinion. In this article you sound just like every other journalist who never leaves their desk.

Rita said...

Hi Anon - thanks for the comment, and thanks for the inference that I have credibility! This post on Das Zimmer is no different to many things I've written here on this blog over the past 3 years. The fact that you have corroborated what I said in the body of it also testifies to the accuracy of what I wrote.
Yes, I review places - or to be more precise, I recount my experience there, but I also pass on gossip/news etc - which this is. There are many places I haven't been to, and there are many places I haven't reviewed yet, but that doesn't stop me talking (or writing) about them. Take, for instance, the Cargo comment made by someone else which I posted here last week even though I myself had never been there (at that stage) which I admitted at the time of writing (like I did with the Das Zimmer post), then because of all the comments about it in response, ended up eating there as a result of the huge curiosity caused directly by all those comments on this blog.

I haven't got a Thermomix either but I have raved about it to every poor sucker I've come into contact with over the past 2 weeks plus written twice about it here on the blog!

So - yes, you're correct in pointing out I haven't been there yet (however that will be recified asap) but you yourself have already substantiated what I said anyway - so you're not leaving me much to comment on when I actually DO get there! Damn! Now I've talked myself out of going!

No - seriously, I WILL eat there soon, I promise, but will always feel able to comment on somewhere even if I have never eaten there, because that's what I do!

I am flattered you equate me to a journalist, as I never thought of Rita as such!

In peace.....Rita

sir grumpy said...

Rita, I always think of your site as a food news clearing house!
You do write, review and pass on all sorts of things...which makes it bloody interesting and enjoyable for (almost) all of us.
So thanks.
If anon doesn't like it, well that's a bit harsh. Like a banquet, just pick the things you like and leave the other bits for the rest at the feast.

T. said...

after all Rita it is YOUR blog!

Anonymous said...

Has everyone seen the mudslinging that a few articles in the mercury has caused?

Christina said...

I have.
As a Mum of three, I have to say when I go out, especially if it's somewhere like Das Zimmer, I would prefer it if there weren't young children there.
I agree with a lot of the comments, but not the unnecessary bithciness.
I go out to enjoy the the company of other adults. If I wanted to be surrounded by children, I'd just stay home.
My children are teeneagers now, but even when they were younger, if they came out with us, it wouldn't have been to a cocktail bar. Somewhere like a family orientated pub.
There are a lot of places in Hobart that I feel would be fine to take kids, also a lot that I would never. Thinking of my own comfort here as well as others.

lemon curd said...

I agree, but it was a 10 month old, perhaps it would have been better just to let it pass and let the mother know on leaving? Especially as it wasn't being noisy?