Saturday, 13 June 2009

Help wanted

Qualified Chef
or experienced cook with extensive experience working in a fast paced environment in the CBD. Position is full time. Successful applicant will be expected to commence at 5-5.30 am daily and work weekdays/nights and weekends. Must have had experience with Asian style cooking. Barista and fantastic customer service. Reference checks will be undertaken by the employer.

I read the above ad in last Saturday’s Mercury with amusement. The employer obviously has extremely high hopes. Reading the ad literally, it looks like the lucky person will have no days off at all; will start work at 5.00 am daily and continue on throughout the day and night, as well as throughout the weekend; will be brilliant not only at cooking, with an emphasis on Asian food, but also at coffee making, as well as dealing with those pesky customers without whom their day would definitely run much better, as they try to prep up and cook Asian food, plus maintain the coffee machine and take the money at the till from those queued up to pay their bill – all with good grace, and having no private life at all!

What the hell wage will they be paying this epitome of ideal hospitality worker?

In the words of Michael Caton in “The Castle” – tell ‘em they’re dreamin’!

Posted on by Rita


Christina said...

Oh no!
Sounds like my family are finally over me and have advertised my position,{Mother},in the paper!
Goodluck with that.

Maggie said...

That's great, and I was thinking of getting a second job!

Forde Montgomery said...

Remember this ad whin Hobart business people have a whinge about not mbeing able to get 'qualified/experienced' staff!
This is what they mean.

Rita said...

Christina - your response is along the lines of what I thought! Refer back to my post about Mums working at Kate's Berry Farm a few posts ago! And, yes, naturally you and I could apply for that job with confidence, having catered to a family!
Go apply Maggie! I dare you! I have the mobile number here!
Forde - yes, I was tempted to add a few words of commentary along those lines but resisted the urge.