Thursday, 30 July 2009

Master Chef re-run at TCS

Today marked the first cook-off for the two finalists in the Tasmanian Collection Service (TCS) Master Chef Cookoff at TCS HQ in Argyle Street today, and Rita was asked to be one of the three judges for this mammoth event.

The two finalists, Peter and Lyndal, cooked two excellent dishes, using today’s theme of chicken.

As per the original Master Chef script, the judges weren’t allowed to know who cooked what but it wasn’t hard to guess, especially when Rita asked the first question of whether or not the pesto used in one of the 3 dishes on the tasting plate was a commercial blend or had been made by the finalist! (It was a commercial blend).

One dish was Chicken Forestiere, and was a lovely pan fried chicken breast served with a beautifully rich mushroom, tarragon, cream and white wine sauce, a potato and sweet potato galette and fresh asparagus.

The other dish was a Chicken Tasting plate, which contained tastes of chicken risotto, chicken and pesto, and chicken ravioli. It presented brilliantly, but was extremely difficult to judge alongside the forestiere, with both dishes being reasonably equal in flavours. The chefs had 45 minutes to make their meals, with a bit of leniency shown for some home preparation the night before. Peter had made his own pasta (for the ravioli) the night before.

It was a really fun event, superintended and stage managed by office manager Jenny, with contestants cheered along by fellow staff.

Other workplaces could well take up the challenge, and there could be a major cook-off if we wanted to pursue this passion for cookery following the Master Chef program.

Anyway – my most sincere thanks, and congratulations, go to Jenny and her staff at TCS. Well done Peter for producing the winning tasting plate on the day, but watch your back – Lyndal’s hot on your heels!

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Anonymous said...

I wish theyd do that at my work.

Maggie said...

What a fun idea. Sure beats working.

Anonymous said...

I work at TCS and I have to say it was a great "team building" exercise and LOADS of fun!!!!! Can't wait for this week....Pastry cook off! :)