Monday, 13 July 2009

Vale Fee and Me

I received the email below from Fee last night:


After 20 years at the forefront of the dining scene in Tasmania, Fiona Hoskin and Peter Crowe, of Launceston's iconic Fee and Me Restaurant have decided that it is time to call it a day.

The restaurant opened in July 1989 as a Brasserie but soon after opening moved to its current location in the magnificent historical C1830s Morton House on the corner of Charles and Frederick Streets. The restaurant reopened as Fee and Me Restaurant in November 1991.

With Peter as Maitre’d and Fiona taking control of the kitchen in 1995 the restaurant went from strength to strength. After winning many state awards the restaurant shot to fame in 2000 scooping the title of Australia’s Best Restaurant in the American Express Awards.

While celebrating their 20 year milestone Peter and Fiona took time-out to reflect on their future and decided the time was right for a change of direction.

The restaurant will be auctioned on the 10th August on a walk-in/walk-out basis.

Peter Crowe
Fiona Hoskin
Ph: 03 63 313195 Tues-Sat from 2.00pm"

Anyone who has been to Fee and Me will appreciate the loss this will be to the Launceston dining out scene. Well done Fee for the past 20 years, and best of luck for your next venture, which I'm positive will be as successful as your current one!


Anonymous said...

sad as a little bear

Anonymous said...

And not backwards in coming forward with; ``after 20 years at the Tasmania...''
Whatever happened to modesty? Probably a third party who wrote it, I hope.
By the way one of those 2 grand megamixers made it to MaterChef.

Christina said...

Phil and I went to Fee and Me on our Honeymoon 5 and a half years ago. Back then it was a real experience for me and a memory I will always treasure.
I am sad to hear it's closing but wish them all the best.

I too noticed the thermomixers on Masterchef the other night.

Anonymous said...

are bears sad?

Rita said...

Which night was that? I missed seeing the TM's on Masterchef. Damn!

Anonymous said...

They didn't look that flash for 2 grand actually. And it took the skill away from the contestants, which is dumb in the greater scheme of things. (Like finding out who is the best cook).
Just shows if you can pay to place your gadget, prime-time is possible.
It was friday.

Christina said...

I think the little bear was sad because goldilocks ate all his porridge, broke bhis chair, and slept in his bed!
And now Fee and Me is closing!

Peppermint Pattie said...

Mercury food writer Graeme Phillips said the Tasmanian industry would be "like a chook with its head chopped off" if Fee and Me and Marque IV closed.
Read more . . .

Anonymous said...

Come on G.P ....
Life in the food world continued after you closed your establishment. And some may say - 'got much better'.

Maybe it is also an example of how tuff it is at the top end of dinning in this state. It is expensive to do the fine dining thing.

Or maybe it was "a change is as good as a holiday"

Or maybe it was the Money !

Bri said...

What and where was GP's establishment?

Rita said...

Graeme's restaurant was Battery Point Brasserie, on the site of what is now Jackman & McRoss Bakery in Hampden Rd. It was a great restaurant serving great food, and was a ground breaker in its time. I loved hanging round the kitchen there, gossiping with Graeme and his staff!

Thermomixer said...

... and just as I was lining up a trip to Launceston in September. Oh well .. plan B

Anonymous said...

Before that he was at Prospect House in Richmond I think.


Anonymous said...

Will these people still be flogging mega-magimixers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 7:55 - I certainly hope so - they are great - they are called Thermomix