Friday, 21 August 2009

Rita is offline!

I don't know whether it's a comment on Rita's Bite blogsite, or merely incompetence, but Telstra, in their infinite wisdom, have seen fit to shut down Rita's internet access since Monday. Despite numerous phone calls to said organisation; being put on hold for large chunks of time; (accidentally?) disconnected twice as operator attempted to transfer my call to the relevant person/department following current operators lack of success at fixing whatever they thought the problem might be, I still have no dial tone on my phone and no internet access!

I apologise profusely for this but due to these circumstances, haven't been able to write with the frequency I normally would.

Hopefully normal service will be restored next week some time! Or not! Fingers crossed!
Posted on by Rita


gl said...

Telstra? Oh dear. So many choices -

sir grumpy said...

I thought your blog was powered by Thermomix Rita. Well I never!

Rita said...

If it had been powered by TM, Sir G, the bloody thing wouldn't have disconnected at all!

Anyway - thank god it's all good now.