Wednesday, 12 August 2009


QW said...

ohh now this will be interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

well done steak and chips!??!!??



Rita said...

Thanks QW - you are filling me with curiosity now!
Hi TJ - gald you're still round and checking in here occasionally! Hope the house move went well, and is all done and dusted. I don't know what I will have there tonight, as am going with a totally open mind, and not set on having a steak - but if I go that way, well, yes, it WILL be a WD steak, although I have, on occasion, amended that to a MW when the waitperson seems particularly ferocious or unempathetic!

Anonymous said...

always checking in!

too much rain to be 'dusted'! will be a construction site for a couple more months I think!

from what I understand there aren't many more options at grain other than cow... look forward to hearing about it!


Christina said...

I'm interested to see what you think of the potato gratin Rita, if that's what you choose.
Enjoy tonight. The restaurant itself is lovely and cosy.
I think you'll like it.