Thursday, 6 August 2009

Tracks Cafe revisited

The New Town Station Nursery Café, Tracks, was the lunch venue for Jan and I today, and what a beautiful lunch it was. Top marks to the chef, whose name, I’m sorry, escapes me, although I did ask.

Jan had a Beef Pot Pie which came with rosemary wedges and their own chutney, and I had the Chicken and leek pie with the same chutney and salad greens. Both meals were priced at $14 each. The wedges were what all wedges probably aim to be but mostly miss – well cooked, crispy and flavoursome. The chutney was beautiful. The dressing on my salad equally beautiful.

If it had been an ordinary lunch, I wouldn’t have bothered blogging about it, but I was immensely surprised at the high calibre of the food and the flavours captured in it.

I’m of the opinion that both pies were finished off after we ordered them, as they took quite a long time to arrive, given the time we arrived and the number of people eating there at lunchtime today (only one other table occupied). They were way slower than the time it would take to microwave them, or reheat them in the oven. But - they were absolutely delicious. Jan insisted on finishing all of hers, despite admitting halfway through that she was feeling a bit full, sheerly because she said it was so beautiful she couldn’t bear to leave any!

Simple food, well done. I’ll be back soon.

Congratulations Tracks – if that’s what you’re still called!

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Anonymous said...

did you buy any plants?

Rita said...

No Anon, no plants bought this time, but there were lots of gift items I passed in our rush to get back to work that I would have like to have lingered over!

lemon curd said...

Used to go there a lot while it was Express, went once while Claire Falconer was there and haven't been back since...might try it again though! Love the surrounds, and enjoy cycling in from town in relative safety.

Anonymous said...

"if it had been an ordinary lunch, I wouldn't have bothered blogging abut it"...., WHY NOT? You do it all the time.

Rita said...

Hi Anon 10.53 - when re-reading what I'd written about Tracks, that very thought occurred to me too! Yep - you've got a point. Well done!