Thursday, 10 September 2009

Piccolo for dinner

Dinner was at Piccolo, with Rita accompanied tonight by the lovely Christina (pictured above), our most regular commenter here on this blog (apart from Sir Grumpy who persists in not wanting to reveal himself!).

What can I say that hasn't been said before about this place?

Christina had:
Confit duck, peas, radicchio, vincotto risotto entrée $20

Rabbit loin with chestnut and mushroom stuffing, gnocchi and roast apple main $35

I had:
Pistachio crumbed calamari with mint, basil, radicchio and orange salad entrée $18

Slow cooked Calabrian lamb shoulder with braised artichokes, broad beans and pecorino main $34

We shared a Hot chocolate fondant, organic pear, drambuie cream and walnut praline dessert $15.

Our thoughts:
Risotto – fabulous, with the portion size just right, given that risotto is filling
Rabbit – fabulous
Calamari – not quite as fabulous as the risotto, and needed salt added, but apart from that, fine
Lamb – fabulous, flavoursome
Chokky dessert – not sweet enough for either of us, but the pear was fabulous.

As usual, we chatted way too much, and if I hadn’t wanted to get home to write this, we’d still be there!

Christina – please feel free to add your additional comments about the food. It’s a bit late now, and the Rita-brain has switched off for the night I’m afraid!

In common with the rest of the dining out population of Hobart, we loved Piccolo, and obviously, since they were full all night (plus resets for the tables surrounding us) everyone else did/does too.

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Mary Whitehead said...

I for one DO NOT want Sir G revealing himself on this blog. Do you want to lose your PG rating Rita?

lemon curd said...

Sounds yum, still haven't made it to Piccolo - full every time I want to make a booking (Conspiracy??!).
Have you checked out Piccalilly's blog? They're tripping through Europe at the moment, but have a great review of Quay in Sydney on there:

Christina said...

I second THAT motion!!!
No offence Sir G!
Rita I could tell you were tired, but what a slip.

It was indeed a fabulous meal we enjoyed.
The duck confit risotto was one of the nicest dishes I've ever had. I'd return again just to eat that. Of course I tried Rita's calamari and I did enjoy it, even though I'm not a real lover of the dish.
The rabbit was really lovely and presented much nicer than it looks in the picture. The gnocchi was light and perfectly cooked.
Rita's lamb was delicious and if she hadn't been able to take what she left home, I know I would have polished off the lot. The lamb just melted in the mouth and was full of flavour.
I swear the women eats like a bird!
The chocolate fondant too was delicious and we did the "masterchef" test and made sure it oozed onto the plate.
The service we received was friendly and attentive depite how busy it was. I did notice when Rita left half her main course that our waitress did enquire was every thing okay, which I'm sure pleased Rita.
Like Rita said, I'm sure we would still be there talking if it wasn't for her need to put fingers to keys. As always a most enjoyable evening spent with an entertaining dining companion.
Piccolo was a true pleasure and I was so pleased to see them packed to the rafters even when we left at 9.30
They should be very proud of themselves.

Emma said...

Oh I love Piccolo. I have been 3 times now. I can't fault it. Devine and rich food. Yum.
Yes I thought the Choc fondant wasn't sweet enough too...I also tried the honey pannacotta - it was pure heaven!

Rita said...

Hi Mary- you're totally right, I definitely don't want to loose my PG rating, so Sir G, please don't reveal yourself!
LC - I knew the Picalillys were away but hadn't located the blog, so thanks for that.
Christina - you have done us proud above, with your descriptions! I asked you last night why you didn't start your own blog, and am still not sure why you don't as you eat out way more than I do!

And yes, I agree I DO seem to eat like a bird these days - not sure what that's about, but if it's another dose of cancer coming on, then let me eat what I like when I like before it's too late!

Now the overriding question for me after last night's meal is where the hell did this habit of calling those little individual self-saucing puddings a 'fondant' come from? Fondant, to me, is the icing on a fruit cake, or shaped into a piece of sculptured fruit, painted with food colouring & decorating a Chinese cake!

Anonymous said...

Piccolo is the best food being served in Hobart today-Without doubt.

Christina said...

I think the fondant part refers to gooey centre of the pudding Rita.

As for my own blog Rita, I enjoy being part of yours so much.
I also feel I lack the time, dedication and experience of your lovely self, to pull it off.
Thankyou again for a wonderful evening.

Rita said...

Mmm, my leftover Calabrian lamb was beautiful for lunch for a hardworking girl! Thanks Piccolo!

stephen said...

Love Piccolo (as well as Picalilli)
Great pics Rita.
Gotta be right up there. Alex knows stuff about food!

Anonymous said...

A Tom Samek on the wall behind C - Good Art / Good Food, must give it a burl. Love a good Panna Cotta (amongst other things)
Spag Blog

Rita said...

Thanks Stephen.
Spag Blog - you can't tell me you can possibly identify the painting on the wall behind C as being a Tom Samek had you not been there before! That painting was in my direct line of vision all night, and all night I pondered about it, thinking it looked totally like his style, but failing to find a signature, (despite a lot of peering!) left it as one of those perenially unanswered questions in life!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Rita....def have not been there before but can spot a T Samek at 50 paces....BTW my anon comment on new blog about where were you this morn..just back from a early dinner at new Taroona Hotel, lets just say a great place for a drink!!! Metz for b/fast tomorrow then a drive south, may pop into the RVL if time and litluns (2 under 2)permit.
Good weekend to all
Spag Blog

Anonymous said...

BTW RITA - when mentioned the anon comment on new blog as mine I meant the one if reference to "where are you" ...not the burnt toast!!!
Spag Blog

Anonymous said...

to bad the chef is such a clot.

Anonymous said...

best food in Tassie-bar none

sir grumpy said...

My goodness, I feel soiled. All these comments about revealing oneself are repugnant.
Let me tell you I have the physique of a Greek god, only sightly below par by eating nice grub like that at Piccolo.
The years of fine eating are easy to see.

Anonymous said...

Fondant comes from latin or french and means 'to melt' as in 'fondue'etc. Ie the soft centre. Or something like that...

Jerine said...

My husband and I were looking for a new place to dine in North Hobart. Thanks to your review, we choose Piccolo. I found your blog while searching for the restaurant. The slow cooked lamb shoulder I had was fantastic. Thank you for your write up.

Rita said...

Hi and welcome Jerine - glad you found us, and happy to have been of help, and that you and your husband enjoyed your meal at Piccolo.

Georgia said...

what's going on at the fabulous Piccolo? I've been spoilt enough to dine their twice in a month and both times the service has slowed right down after the main course to an agonizing wait for dessert. most recently the waiting staff were told to apologize and stop taking orders until after all the main courses in the whole place were out. not a good look. we asked if there was a speedy option on the menu to be told 'sorry.... minimum 40 mins wait' We left. This is very disappointing at my favourite eating place.

steve said...
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steve said...

Its a favourite place of mine to eat out, the food is always good. Sounds like an off night to me.