Thursday, 8 October 2009

Cordon bleu hospital food..... or not?

I've been reading an interesting assortment of blogsites around the world, and one that stands out for me, as being both amusing and informative at the same time, is a British one called 'Notes from a hospital bed', written by a bloke who calls himself Traction Man and says he's a journalist, stuck in traction in hospital for months. He posts photos of the meals he receives, as well as commenting on various things he reads while in bed.

Poor bastard is obviously having a tough time, but making a great fist of it writing this blog.

Check out one of his meals here......or here.......please god let me not end up in a hospital eating the food this poor sod has been served!
Posted on by Rita


Michelle said...

What a great blog - very funny, yet sad at the same time. That hospital obviously uses the same recipes as the Royal. The food looks identical.

Anonymous said...

Poor guy. Food looks rancid.
Ramsay would have a field day.
"What do you call that F!@#$%^ thing???"
"What the F!@#"
"What does that mean?"
"You fed me old lamb??"