Friday, 30 October 2009

The Department of Hospitality....? DOH?

I received this Media Release today.....make what you will of it......

Premier announces Hospitality portfolio

Premier David Bartlett today announced the creation of the new ministerial portfolio of Hospitality as part of the Government’s plan to build on the increasing success of the hospitality sector.

The new portfolio will come under the Minister for Tourism and the Arts, Michelle O’Byrne.

“We are leading edge in the production of fine food, fine wines and fine beers.

“I want us to be able to take that not just to Australia but to the world market.

“To do that we have to ensure that our products are matched with our skills and the needs a high level political driver.

“That is what a portfolio status can help bring.

“Our tourism industry is leading Australia and the time is right to act to take hospitality to another level.

“Giving hospitality the status of a portfolio within Government acknowledges the great role it has to play in our future.

“It means that the sector will have a formal voice at Cabinet as we work to ensure that it can deliver jobs for Tasmanians for decades to come.

“We are moving quickly on this.

“Today Ms O’Byrne is at an Australian Tourism Ministers conference where she will announce that as Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and the Arts she will be the first minister in Australia to give portfolio recognition to this industry.

“Only last week I announced an additional $4 million to support tourism in Tasmania and today’s announcement builds on that with the focus on hospitality.

“We have already shown we are serious about our hospitality industry.

“Our post year 10 reforms in education will have a direct impact in providing skilled people for the hospitality industry.

“Our paddock to the plate strategy will help show case the outstanding food, wines and beers of Tasmania.

“The optic fibre roll out will cut costs and open up new opportunities for marketing and promotion of our hospitality industry.

“Hospitality is a growing part of the Tasmanian economy and this announcement gives it the recognition it deserves.”
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Anonymous said...

Great news, more Saviour Tasmania initiatives! Did you know they tried to charge the specaily purchased plates Tetsuya ordered for his event to Meadowbank & when they politely declined they were seized & now sit in someones office unused. Love this place.

Anonymous said...

Is that a deliberate spelling mistake for Savour Tasmania? Or do you really think that Savour Tasmania will be the saviour of Tasmania?

Anonymous said...

The tasmania tomorrow thing is c*ap. College education is stuffed.

Anonymous said...

yes to the former & no to the latter. there isn't anyone in touch enough with the produce, the hospitality issues, the training facilities to pull all the strings together. none of the gov departments talk to each other. if i had a dollar for every rep of theirs who didn't know what was available produce wise I'd be a zillionaire. they need some real industry representation & i mean leaders not just people who oversee run of the mill operations or the usual suspects. we need fresh left of centre ideas

Anonymous said...

Tasmania Doomed Tomorrow more like

TJ said...

re Savour Tas plates for Tetsuya, Meadowbank actually offered to buy them for a miserly amount and it was realised that the plates can be used again for similar functions and opportunities, so they are being well utilised.

As for a hospitality minister... this should already be a part of the tourism portfolio. i really do have my concerns about the value being placed on the hospitality sector for the Tasmanian economy. While I love my food and bev and all Tasmanian produce and hospitality and recognise the importance and potential, it actually isnt the industry sector with the greatest economic contribution to the state (certainly it makes the loudest complaints and appeals for support)and it really only provides seasonal employment opportunities at best. In addition, in order to have a top end experience in the hospitality sector, much effort also needs to be placed at the primary industry end. Once again the govt is overpromoting the hospitality experience ($4 million additional marketing efforts) without investing in the grass roots of the sector - education and training, farm gate supply (quality and quantity).

so frustrating... cart before horse... sector says jump... premier with noose around his neck says 'how high?!'

Anonymous said...

Interesting last anon.

I disagree though two fold on your point:

(certainly it makes the loudest complaints and appeals for support)and it really only provides seasonal employment opportunities at best.

Firstly, much criticism has been levelled at hosp venues throughout the state at the low level of service, food & bev on offer. Are these venues unfairly held responsible for much of the negative tourist sentiment? If so, then seeking some assistance should be seen as proactive shouldn't it?
Secondly-to suggest that employment opportunities are seasonal at best sums up exactly why we have a staffing/training crisis. You may be right about the hospitality sectors lesser contributions to the States economy compared to other industries but you could argue that about our arts & cultural sectors also. In your view, is it only the big contributors to the States economy that should be given assistence?

I do agree though with your point about cart before the horse. This has not been thought out enough. there has been little consultation with industry leaders & thinkers.

Anonymous said...

Why so many dropping out of Polytechnic?

Anonymous said...

Polytechnic is only another word for college so its the same reason kids drop out of college.

Anonymous said...

& what is that reason?

Anonymous said...

Fucking hell everyones pointing out all of the negatives again, anyone can do that part its easy.
I think most of us can point out the short comings in hospitality.
I'll even admit I might even be responsible for some of them.
But for once can we act as a collective and suggest some solutions and drive these forward.

You know as a pommie the longer I am here the more I wonder which one of us is the biggest whinger.

The world is not perfect, we all know that, but surely we can have the guts of our forebears to stand up and help influence change, instead of dwelling on what is.

Come on lets debate some serious isuues with a solution and get a say in how this cash gets spent.

Some great people with some talent and ideas out there.


Lucy said...

Sounds like another cunning 'quick! distract the voters!' plan

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obyrne will have so many hats on she wont be able see the reality of whats happening around her. Another GOV waste of $$ we have a bleating hospitality industry and a governing group the AHA who did the squeaky wheel trick and got the wheel oiled. Whats next for Michelle? Minister for farm gate and produce, why create another level of Government to battle! sorry all wrong for mine, a great big kiss the AHA's arse is what this is all about!