Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Marque IV update

Rita called Justin Harris yesterday to check on how he’s going in his new post of head chef at Marque IV.

I could tell, just from the tone of his voice, that he is extremely relaxed and comfortable in this position, and that was great to hear. He is indeed very happy with the way things are travelling at MIV, and he says they have been as busy as you would expect at this time of year. Yesterday they had their set ($35) Melbourne Cup luncheon, which had been fully booked a few days prior to the event.

Justin said he was continually updating the menu as he follows the customer ordering patterns. He is not Paul Foreman, and I guess it will take ages for that perception to wear off, but he’s doing well making his own imprint.

The food sounds different to a Paul menu, and they don’t generally offer the degustation option which was formerly a feature of Paul’s menu, however the menu reads online as one you would expect for a prime position venue of that ilk.

But – Justin mentioned an exciting dining option they are looking at which caught my attention, as I felt it would attract the more casual clientele. They have that large outside area, looking out at the Henry Jones domain, which probably seats 20 people, and generally is under-utilised. The suggestion is that it be used for more of a tapas-style dining for those who want to just sit outdoors having a drink and a nibble but not a full-on dining experience.

Food would be from the same kitchen, and of the same quality. I can’t think of a better way to spend a lovely summers evening than sitting outside MIV in that environment. I hope that particular concept comes to fruition.

Yes, it appears there IS life after Moorilla for Justin Harris!

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Anonymous said...

an outdoor non-smoking area would get me there every Friday through summer

stephen said...

Thanks Rita.
I did have one negative comment today from a friend who had knowledgeable overseas guests in tow. He said while the steak was good the menu was a bit "light on"
I agree it will take a little time but perception is very important and you don't always have all the time in the world.
I know Paul Foreman is having parallel problems.

Anonymous said...

What paralell problems are those Stephen? I'm intrigued.

stephen said...

Just people adjusting to the menu and the approach to food changing.

Anonymous said...

Are things on the up. WTF


Rita said...

If you're referring to that comment before yours Cartouche, it's OK - I've deleted it! WTF, I echo!