Thursday, 26 November 2009

References...... what references?

An interesting aspect of the recruitment industry, which nearly everyone seems to overlook in the overall scheme of things, is the referees you use on your resume, and, for the employer, the opportunity to check potential employees references.

In your more high level job, this is a serious component of the recruitment process, but in the more casual circumstance (such as in the hospitality industry), often this potentially vital piece of the equation is overlooked.

From the jobseekers side, I have found it the norm that people will always pop someone on their resume as a referee, but never ask them the vital question - which is to find out exactly what, in all honesty, their referee feels they can say to a stranger who calls them to ask about the person's work ethic or character. Just because they are a friend, doesn't automatically mean they will say all those things that will enable you to get the job.

They actually can easily loose you the job. I have done many ref checks over the years, and would estimate around half the referees tell me things which, if they were MY referee, I wouldn't want them saying about me!

You should always check what the person you ask to be your referee will say about you to a third party.

Then there is the employer who simply takes someone on face value, and doesn't bother calling any of the referees written on the resume. In a situation like a restaurant kitchen, this could be the most elementary but fatal mistake you could make.

I have heard of a few bad workplace situations recently which could have been prevented had the proper research been done before hiring a chef.

Tasmania is a small place. That can work against you, but it can also work in your favour, depending on what the circumstance is. As an employer, I'd pay heed to my instincts, and do a thorough ref check, especially in this day and age.
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Anonymous said...

Good poit Rita seems to me that employers in this state dont check references because everyone is just so desperate for staff

Anonymous said...

Staff are easy to find.
Quality staff are near impossible to find.

Seriously if you own a hospiatlity business and need decent staff, you should ring Drysdale because they have passionate, well trained and talented students. (At least some of them are).

Forde Montgomery said...

Proves that most Tas business owners are in fact quite lazy and deserve the rubbish staff that they get. Your staff are vital to your business so why not spent 15/20mins checking referees. Good staff are infact easy to find, YOU just have to put in the effort. To many Tas business owners expect everything to be handed to them just because 'they are in business.'

Anonymous said...

You know, employers are not allowed to give a bad reference. May sound strange but it is covered by "employer retribution". Effectively denying an employer the ability to in some cases tell the truth about some employees. I have been staggered that some former employees have even had the bare faced cheek to ask for a reference. This would include theft.
Its important to check, and often you can tell by what is not said by an employer, or by their enthusiastic or reluctant tone.

Forde Montgommery you are right that they are valuable, but hey, lets not forget so are we. The flip side of the argument is that we need risk takers as well. Without us, mortgages are not paid, school fees un-met, and lifestyles un-fulfilled.
So can we try to remember that this is a symbiotic relationship and not them and us.
Simple fact, workers are protected, employers are not. But by working with mutual commitment we all benefit eachother and are all successful.