Tuesday, 29 December 2009

By the way......

Happy 40th Birthday to my oldest daughter Nellie. We breakfasted en famille this morning at Machine, and Nellie is partying with friends tonight.

I think a birthday is probably just as meaningful to the mother as the child, as the child actually wasn't 'present' in one sense of the word on the day of the birth - whereas mum is the one there giving birth in some kind of memorable way!

I remember Nellie's birth quite vividly, probably as she was my firstborn, so today brings back many memories for Rita, who honestly didn't have a clue what was going on at the time! Watching movies or hearing stories is a world apart from actually experiencing something for yourself, I found!

Welcome to middle age Nellie (and welcome to old age, Rita!!).
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Michelle said...

Happy Birth Day to you Rita! And happy birthday to Nellie.


Deb said...

Another wonerful Capricorn. My big F is tomorrow. Not really looking forward to it but if I can fight it with good food, wine and friends (probably not unlike your daughter) I will feel much better! Happy birthday Nellie.