Friday, 11 December 2009

Easy peasy Christmas goodies

A clever workmate of mine - Jenny - produced these miniature goodies for morning tea today.
Isn't she clever?
When quizzed, she said all she did was buy a packet of Chocolate Royals, then decorate the tops with some drizzled white icing, some cut mint leaves and a jaffa, and voila.....
See - even YOU can produce a gorgeous-looking Christmas goodie to enhance your Christmas table, or give as a gift to workmates and friends.
Posted on by Rita


nutsdeb said...

Noice! I can see this being an easy way for me to do nibbles for the school Chrissy party. Thanks for the tip!

Nellie said...

They look absolutely DISGUSTING, Mum.

steve said...

Jeezuz-you be cracking out the saladas, coon & kabana next!

Christina said...

The coon and cabana has to be on toothpicks with either pineapple chunks or coloured cocktail onions the stuck into an orange!
Personally I love cheese, cabana and pineapple.
Another favourite of ours is Philly cream cheese mixed with a jar of masterfoods Corn Relish.
The absolute BOMB!!!!

Rita said...

Nellie and Steve - what is up with you two? Culinary snobbery rears its ugly head, methinks!
And I, unashamedly, admit to being a 60's reject who loves the toothpick with cubed cheese, pineapple piece and cocktail onion!
Where have those good old days gone? Bring them back!

steve said...

At least you didn't serve them purreed!

nutsde said...

Made them for my kids school parties and they all loved them. And coon and cabana has it's place too at times!