Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Farewell AHA and Restaurant & Caterers Association....welcome to the new Tasmanian Hospitality Association (THA)

I received the press release below tonight:

Michelle O'Byrne, MP Minister for Hospitality

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Launch of new Tasmanian Hospitality Association

The Minister for Hospitality Michelle O'Byrne today officially unveiled the State’s peak hospitality organisation’s new name and logo.

Ms O’Byrne said, not only was Tasmania the first State to create a new Ministerial portfolio for hospitality, but we are now also the first State to combine the state branches of the AHA and Restaurant and Caterers Association into one body- the new Tasmanian Hospitality Association (THA).

“The aim of the new THA is to deliver ‘Excellence in Hospitality’ by delivering the best service in Australia to all Tasmanians and tourists.

“I congratulate Steve Old and the State’s AHA and RCAT Board Members on their new and visionary approach to making our hospitality sector even stronger, better coordinated and better aligned for the future.

“The State Government clearly wants to see a hospitality industry that offers great career prospects for Tasmanians, and is recognised nationally for delivering high quality services and exceptional dining experiences.

“The creation of the new Ministry and the new THA, recognises the vital role this sector plays in Tasmania’s economic, cultural and social future.

“The State Government looks forward to continuing to work closely with the new THA to deliver appropriate training, careers and policy reforms for this important sector”, she said.

The THA currently represents over 350 hospitality venues throughout the state. The sector also employs more than 23,000 people in Tasmania, and delivers around $1.29 billion in wages to the State’s economy.

Ms O’Byrne said one notable benefit of the amalgamation of the two industry groups under the new THA banner will be the improved status and greater recognition of the former Restaurant and Caterers Association.

“From a tourism perspective, it is especially important for Tasmania to have a strong, sustainable and vibrant accommodation, restaurant and catering sector operating throughout the State”.

“For that reason, Tourism Tasmania and the Hospitality Association initiated a MOU to pursue mutually beneficial alliances, enhance business, training and industry development opportunities and increase tourism partnership benefits to THA members - especially those in regional areas”.

The new THA structure will operate with three main streams – an accommodation college, a restaurants and catering services college, and a hotels and taverns college.

Tasmania was the first State to form a Hotel Industry Association in 1839 – around 170 years ago.

Further information:
Tasmanian Government Communications UnitPhone: (03) 6233 6573

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ut si said...

Got your shovel ready Rita?!

Stephen said...

Minister for Hospitality

How pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha etc. How to say something with such words as "Mutually beneficial etc" without actually saying anything commital or meaningful.
Sorry to sound sarcastic, I sincerely welcome commitment and change, but then again, I've been in too many meetings where the words "symbiotic relationship, cohesive framework, partnership network, holistic approach", and so many more are banded about.
Political bullshit. But I'll probably get right withit and wave the flag all the same?


Anonymous said...

Interestingly tho, Tourism Tas doesnt want responsibility for reporting/advising the Minister for Hospitality so at the mo it sits with whoever has the hot potato last... until the imminent election!