Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Fine dining and Kingston? Not in the same sentence!

What’s up with the Kingston dining experience, or lack thereof?

Cartouche has summed it up accurately last night saying that over the three years he’s been commenting on Steve’s and my blogs, this subject keeps coming up.

He’s correct. Mediocre food is the outstanding feature of Kingston. It being a mortgage belt doesn’t quite seem to justify the distinct lack of quality dining. Sandy Bay, New Town and Salamanca must be equally in as much debt as Kingston, but they have the odd one or two good eateries.

There surely must be an opening for an excellent restaurant in the area? The Beach at Blackmans Bay really is the only option for a more upmarket meal if that’s your desire. Or travel further south to eat at PB.

If I had a business in Kingston, and wanted to book a Christmas dinner for my staff, what are my options, especially if I want to keep out of the hectic city area with its added complications of parking and other issues? It’s a pub meal, fast or cafe food, or nothing really, isn’t it?

I reckon it’s an ideal opportunity for an entrepreneurial type. What about you?

Posted on by Rita


Nuf Sed said...

Rita, great idea. Be as sure as all hell to not plan a staff Christmas Party at either Kingston Hotel or Beachside Hotel, as food and service quality is terrible.

Beachside hotel is a bogan infested hole and needs to be demolished.

"Aye Mate lets go down to beachside and get shit faced tonight" ... Full of Alco's and Bogans

Last time I went to the Beach Restaurant in Blackmans Bay it was absolute rubbish. Waitress came and and said 'What can I get youse?' BOGAN!!!

There are a few good places in Kingston.

Decent restaurant would make money and would be successfull.

Kingston Beach would be more sucessful if there was a ferry service.

Who said there is no money to be made out of hospitality?

Anonymous said...

My view of Kingston…..

Banjo’s –used to have really nice pies. Not anymore. Too expensive and the coffee is horrible.

Subway – Not my thing.

Indian Place – Food is way way way too hot. Even the dishes described as mild just about burn your mouth out … no joke!

Mures – Way nicer than the Hobart Mures. Good service, nice food, very generous ice cream servings.

Lyndalls Tastebuds Café – Scary place, scary owners, don’t go there.

Donut King – Donuts are bad for you. Yuk.

Gloria Jeans – Kingston’s worst and most popular cafe!

Chill – Staff all look so so sad. But food is nice.

Legs and Breasts – The best hot chips! Ever

La Venetzia Pizza – Pizzas are made with scummy cheap cheese.

Chopsticks Restaurant – Dishes here are all either deep fried and dripping with oil or are served in a dish half full of oil. Now I sound like an arse complaining, but seriously when you pay $17 for a takeaway Chinese you expect it to be nice.

Steve’s Kebab House/Amichi’s Pizza – Is for sale. Shut down for ‘renovations’ over 6 months back and doubt it will ever re-open.

Breadd – Everything smells like curry. Even the things that don’t have curry in them. Anyone for curried bread?

Kelantan Delights – Not tried it yet but fairly new Malaysian Cuisine place never ever seen a customer in there.

Umai Sushi Bar- Really nice sushi!
Seven Birds Charcoal Chicken – Yummy chicken and sides!

Flynns Café – Great homemade pies, nice coffee.

Rascals Café – Used to have great burgers. Nice staff.

Kingston Beach

Citrus Moon – Reasonable prices, friendly staff, great cakes.

PEP Pizza – The nicest pizza! Not as cheap as Domino’s but a lot nicer.

Corner takeaway – Stale Oil – Yuck.

Juiced Up – Friendly and always nice smoothies.

Beachfront32 – Nice takeaway burgers and chips.

Jaded said...

The Dutch hate spending money

Nuf Sed said...

After reading and re reading through this I do wonder. Do any of these business owners have that passion and desire to suceed in Hospitality? Do they feel they have something to offer us?

Anon2 said...

Not much cheer to be found up the old Channel road at Taroona either! My neice (a great foodie) reports that the meal served at the Taroona Hotel for their work Xmas function last weekend was pretty dreadful. Not even asked how you wanted your steak - all over cooked. Rest of food abysmal!
Very sad.

lemon curd said...

I think one of the problems with the 'lack of drive' is the captive market that most of these businesses operate within.
Why try to exceed peoples expectations when you know they will have to come back again as there isn't too much else in the area?
I know one of the owners of one of these establishments in the Kingston area actually admitted this to me some time ago -(subject of serving frozen trevalla over fresh trevalla) "Why would I bother when I have them lining up at the door, if they don't like it, tell them to f**k off!"

Anonymous said...

I can guess who that was.

I also heard the new taroona place was crap but haven't been there so cant personally comment.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah. You're all a pack of whinging moaners. Get your priorities sorted, here we are on the verge of an historic climate change disussion & all you lot do is moan about the lack of quality eateries in Kingston-Good grief.

Anonymous said...

The gossip until recently was that the new building next to the Beach was to be a restaurant operated by the previous owner of Casablanca and other hospitality people. It's all come to an abrupt standstill!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.29 the climate change isn't going to happen today or tomorrow or even next year. 2050 is more like it. Meanwhile take a chill pill and leave it to us to discuss restaurants and food in Kingston today.

lemon curd said...
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lemon curd said...

Nicely put 12:00 - you'd think there'd be a few Climate Change blogs out there...

Christina said...

We had Phil's Christmas dinner at The Beach last Friday night and I was super impressed. Have to admit that even though I've been there before, I didn't have high hopes, but the food turned out to be wonderful. I enjoyed mine so much I even ate the dessert I wasn't going to have, but the standout of the evening was definately the service. Great, friendly, professional staff. It was a credit to Blackmans Bay I felt.
We went to yet another of Phil's Christmas dinners on the weekend at York Cove in Georgetown and comparing the two, The Beach wins hands down.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.40

It's hardly come to a standstill. last time I was at the beach restaurant in blackmans bay the building next door had wine glasses on the tables etc so must be opening soon.

ANON 11.29
If you feel so strongly about this 'historic climate change disussion' (coff) then I strongly encourage you to begin writing a blog on this topic. And I wish you the best of British Luck, I really do. Good luck getting anyone to follow it.

No one here is a pack of whingeing moaners. We are just saying what we see happening in this region at this time.

But m'lud, I submit that you already know that.

Minds brighter than yours may like to actually comment on the topic of discussion.


Anonymous said...

To anonymous K

Instead of whimpering about the lack of decent eateries in Kingston why dont you take your own advice & start one of your own then your blogger commentor mates could come & critique you & it, a nice cosy little back patting club.
The best of British to you also

Anonymous said...

Calm down guys.
Good debate above.

Anonymous said...

Kingston beach needs a Marina! With a cruise boat similar to that of PB that could ferry people from Kingston-Hobart for work and/or dining throughout the day and evening. That would bring people to the area, and free up congestion of traffic on the southern outlet, and help reduce green house emissions.

Anonymous said...

It needs a winebar place.
Citrus Moon were going to shut down and turn the building into a wine bar and nightclub (this is what I heard months ago) but as there are plenty of houses near buy the council would probably not approve of such a venture.

No idea what happened, but Citrus Moon is still there so your guess is as good as mine. And there coffee is bloody great, glad they didn't shut!

The current Kingston High Building is going to be demolished and turned into ANOTHER SHOPPING CENTRE apparently so maybe more food places will open up there?

Maybe some decent ones? And all the bullcrap ones could shut?

And to quote the words of so many:

'Who would go to kingston for food?'

Anonymous said...

Too many darn housing department properties with occupants who would prefer to spend money on cigarettes and bogan commies than quality food. Why have something nice to eat when we can drive like dicks and smoke ourselves to death instead? Is the attitude.

I remember hearing one lady talking the other day in a cafe I was visiting.

She was discussing with her friend that she recently went out for dinner at a *particular* establishment. For dinner she ordered a bowl of chips. Cost was $6.00.

She was whingeing to her friend about the cost.

For Chrissakes!!!! Does she not realise that it is people like her who go out for dinner and take up a seat and then spend $6 on a bowl of chips that are causing the prices of food at establishments to inflate?

They need to pay for insurance and public liability insurance and workers compensation and wages and the ATO and bills and suppliers and overheads and rent and maybe there own mortgage and some business owners are lucky enough to earn a wage from their business. etc etc etc

If everyone spent $6 on dinner, then in the words of Gordon Ramsay, You'd be F*cked.

Marian Hazel said...

Having lived in Kingston most of my life- I guess you get used to the short drive into Hobart for most things including a meal at a restaurant. Reading a recently launched book about the history of Kingston & Blackman's Bay it was sad to see that there was once a lovely 2 storey hotel on the beach front- with big verandahs- a shame that it was torn down in the 60's (I think) and replaced with some motel. It would have been a very nice place to sit and drink (whatever your tipple) and look out over the water.

Nuf Sed said...

I was standing in a bookshop today reading that same book - very interesting. This thread is certainly flowing! Plenty of lively discussion - Great to see.

Anonymous said...

Kingstons darkest horse is the juice bar on the beach. Talk about flying under the radar.
Its name suggests that its a takeaway juice bar, but in all of my years of living in Kingston I have never had better food than here.
Stuck inbetween two chip shops you will find eye fillet steak, seafood, and all manner of fine food. Its basically a restaurant most nights of the week, and what they produce tastes sublime.
Problem is its a naff name and it needs to be bigger. But the view and the food are well worth it, especially for couples, it frocks up quite nice at night when the linen hits the tables.

Breadd, I like it so much more than subway. Its like subways posh cousin or something. Certainly worth heading there for a decent sanga.

I think over the next 10 years or so Kingston and the channel will start to thrive, but the community need to get behind the businesses that are striving for quality and let the shit frozen food into the fat friers establishments get the message to move on.

sir grumpy said...

Anonymous second from top has the run down right. Kelantan isn't good, shame that. Curry house always gives me indigestion (I think it's the cheap vege oil).
Mure's is good too. But we need a level above all that.
It's a great area, shame about the food. Stick to Juiced, Flynn's, The Beach (never had a bad one) or Asian Teaahouse.

Anonymous said...

Dom's has always given me a good meal, the flavours and dishes don't dissapoint.
Juiced up has the best breakfast bar none. Have never tried their other stuff.
Citrus moon, crap food but good coffee.
The beach is afull on restaurant, and the only one that delivers on a consistent basis. But if it had better chefs it would probably be one of the best.
Fish and chips and fast food in general are all pretty shit, but more so in Kingston.

Anonymous said...

Did Rita ever review Juiced? I can't find it.

B32 takeaways are way nicer than the corner ones, cost a bit more but defo worth it.

Rita said...

Yes, Anon 10.26, Rita DID review Juiced - on Oct 23rd 2009

Anonymous said...

Reading the above has been fun!

Anonymous said...

anon 10.26. Finding it hard to believe that B32 food could be any better than the corner takeaway. Lets face it, they both buy the same old frozen crap from southern foods and pfd. I think they just have the bare faced cheek to charge more for it.
My father in law calls those chip shops and the pub the axis of evil and the very thing stopping kingston beach dead in its tracks.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.03

You are correct however the corner shop consistently uses old stale oil so for that reason alone I find b32 tastes nicer. But yes all those take away shops need to go!!!

Nuf Sed said...

From time to time I think we can all admit to having deep fried take away foods from somewhere at some stage. They are convenient, easy, and sometimes cheap. Good thing we don't constantly fill our bodies with this crap or we would all be obese or dead, but when I'm at Kingston Beach and want a takeaway greasies, B32 is the place to go.

It's no better for me than the corner shop but it does taste nicer.

Anonymous said...

I do wonder why Citrus Moon stopped doing the evening bistro thing on weekends?

10 Years ago, I used to stop by there for dinner after work, at about 10PM on a Friday/Saturday night and the owners there cooked me up a good feed. Sitting in the backyard there would be great on a warm evening.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the corner takeaway has been sold and will soon be takeaway vietnamese food.
B32... what is it nowdays, a pub, a takeaway, a restaurant , a cafe,the red lights make it look like a brothel. Makes me think I should go in and ask for a root beer.

Rumour chill is going down.

I think Citrus moon stopped evening dining coz not enough people went there.

Steves kebabs took a double hit when domino pizza an souvlaki hut opened.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the above. RE B32 Well I have no idea what they are trying to be, but it's not working.

Their bogan staff with varying degrees of helpfulness and usefullness do nothing to help their business.

Chill is for sale (very few know this, it has been advertised without the name 'chill' in the add) I do worry about the staff there. They all look so so so sad as anon #2 said above.

Corner shop Kbeach should be turned into a decent Chinese takeaway. Even if the new owners knew nothing about Chinese food it could not possibly be any worse than Chopsticks.

Steve's Kebab house serve probably the worst Pizza in Tasmania, along with the most foul, rotten, gross, disgusting Fish n Chips, so happy to see them go.


Anonymous said...


Gawd some people in this industry have a good sense of humour!

Now my recommendation if your in Kingston is to NOT go to Souvlaki Hut. It's an expensive version of mcdonalds with gross food.

The only takeaways I enjoy at Kingston are KFC chips, but the staff there are all as useful as a broken down truck blocking a highway, and it takes an age in the drive thru to get any food.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street at Kingston beach....

Citrus Moons lease expires end of June. Will this be the end?

Whats happening at that motel? Is there a restaurant opening there?

When will beachside finally close? Someone could make millions there. (Someone probably already is, but thats hardly the point!)

Anonymous said...

The beach restaurant has always been consistently inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

So the morale of the story is to not go to Kingston for food?

Nuf sed said...

As with many things in hospitality, the final word will never be written.

Anonymous said...

Thank god,they know how to do great coffee at Bread and their breads have superb flavour and texture. (esp for mopping up your plate.)
It's just such a sad place to sit with Coles and the whole shopping center vibe.
You gotta have elephant balls to attempt a decent eatery in Kingston....but WHY?

Anonymous said...

coz no one wants to pay for anything good/different/raising the bar.
You get the places you deserve

Anonymous said...

Does Rita have an opinion?
Have not heard from her :(

Rita said...

Hi Anon 9.10 - to answer your question, Rita does have lots of opinions, however the Kingston debate is not one where I feel I can contribute. I have to admit to rarely eating down that way, and having no knowledge of either the existance or experience of many of the cafes mentioned in the thread of this post about Kingston and its various eateries by the various Anons.

I still ask the question as to WHY there is no significant eatery in the area, but don't feel at all qualified to talk about places like Chill etc.

But - I have found the whole discussion extremely interesting and enlightening, and it has achieved at least one thing for me - I have doubled my decision never to eat round the Kingston area, with a couple of exceptions!

Anonymous said...

The great Kingston debate rages once again Rita.
Must say that I got a good laugh out of some of the points raised, and one or to made me cringe.
Interesting though, you are absolutely right, reading it makes you as likely to dine in Kingston as you would be to book your next holiday in Palestines West Bank.
And this is the shame of it, There are a couple of good places. If this debate is to be pursued in the future I would suggest that they are highlighted as examples to follow. Who knows, maybe they will be supported and hopefully emulated by others and thus perhaps up the whole scene.

Sometimes it takes just the work of a few to help change the many. in my experience this is how good dining scenes are created.

So how about we continue this debate by saying who is good. Pick say half a dozen you would like see stay, and what you like about them.
Flight of fancy, but maybe the many people who read this may either support or look at themselves and up the game a little more. Who knows, food for thought.


Anonymous said...

Looks like sage advice as always from Cartouche the only problem being ...

How to identify 6 decent eating places in Kingston?!?

Thats a pretty big ask.

Methinks Rita needs to come down here one day and do some eating!!

lemon curd said...

Lets see:
- The Beach I'm a bit biased though having worked there for a couple of years some time ago (Sir G, I may well have waited on you...!). I've well and truly moved on from that style of service and establishment, but will never forget the important part they played in my formative hospitality years.

-Mures (but haven't been there since they moved), happy memories from when my grandparents used to take me there as a kid.

-Citrus Moon enjoy the coffee, food so so, service always friendly.

Got half way - can't think of anywhere else I like... what about places I haven't visited but want to:

Dom's Asian Teahouse

Juiced Up

And can't think of anything else! Enough to be going on with.

Anonymous said...

Yes we must try the teahouse.

Rita said...

LC - Those are the two I'd thoroughly recommend - Teahouse and Juiced Up. I love Domenic at Teahouse. He's a great guy, and, like Sir G, I too have followed him (and his fabulous food) since the days he originally started up his restaurant in South Hobart - would that be maybe 30 years ago? Then followed him to North Hobart, where he had his Spice Shop as well. Then to Salamanca, then to Blackmans Bay where he's been for ages, and I have loved his food there, and often driven specifically to BBay from the city in order to get some of his food for a takeaway for dinner - what more endorsement could you get than that?
Juiced Up, as I wrote a few months back, is great and I look forward to eating there again soon.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Teahouse and Juiced are the best in Kingston. Although the competition is rather miserable I have to say.

Ate Domino's Pizza last night, and it was probably one of the worse things I have ever eaten. Seriosuly, PEP's cost more, but its 100x nicer so well worth it.

I have found memories of a place called the Kingston Beach Brasserie... The owner was a clot (in the true meaning of the word), the staff were crap, service appauling but the food was nice.

Kingston beach also used to have a good deli. And nice bakery!

Anonymous said...

I can imagine this turning into a very long thread... The final, defining word on such things will never be written.

One thing I do know is that business is booming for some. Two cafe owners who I have spoken to in the past month in the area admitted they have never been so busy.

Great to hear, and I wish them the best of luck.

Knowledge is power in this industry....

Who is doing what, when, how and why is incredibly important. A few small changes which I envisage happening in the next few years have the potential to make our area boom.

Thank God for that, because Southern Tasmania's hospitality industry needs a huge shake up.

Just keep looking for clues...


ut si said...

OMFG aren't you exhausted reading this Rita!

sir grumpy said...

Yes Juiced Up at Kingston Beach and Teahouse and The Beach at B/Bay.
For a cuppa and casual Golden Tulip and Flynn's at Kingston.
Fush and chups, Mures Kingston and Enjoi at B/Bay.
Pizza.... Perfect Pizza near Dom's at B/Bay.
That's about it folks.

sir grumpy said...

PS Rita, you can see from the torrent of comments that a dam is ready to burst at Kingston/Blackmans Bay.
It looks like the demand is there.
So if brave entrepreneurs take the plunge, we'll all have to support them.

Anonymous said...

Our thread is dying :(((((((((

Anonymous said...


WORD IS: NOT VERY GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loz from oz said...

Dom's in BBay is beautiful Asian food, love it!
Perfect Pizza BBay and Pep's Kingston Beach, also like La Venezia if you get them to cook the pizza for a couple of extra mins so it's not soggy.
Breadd- best salads, coffee and bread/sangas ever! Love it!
Definitely want to try Juiced Up after reading great reviews here.
The Beach at BBay is really inconsistent and the combinations in some dishes aren't always well thought out, service is either crap or way-too-enthusiastic, depending on who you get.
Enjoi do good takeaway chips and burgers at BBay.
Can't stand the smoky stink of the chicken place near coles, haven't tried the malaysian because it's always empty, and the Indian place next to Mures is crap compared to Tandoor & Curry house in town.
So sad, there's so many hungry people in Kingston/BBay crying out for nice food, good service and a nice atmosphere but it doesn't really exist unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Kingston needs a food court

Anonymous said...

Best Chippie in Kingston area?????????

Anonymous said...

Went out Thursday to the new Rockwater restaurant in Blackmans bay. Place was roughly half full but could not help notice that it reeked of garlic in there. My Pizza was so so, average pasta, lacked a bit of oomph.
Our entrees were abysmal, tiny anti pasto platter and no bread etc.

Interestingly on Friday I noticed the Beach restaurant next door was packed to the rafters upstairs downstairs and outside. This was at 10pm. Rockwater next door was empty but for one table.

Best chippie in Kingborough. Well to be honest they are all crap, they just vary in which level of crap they are. If you think about the best fish and chips you have ever had, then I am sure that most people if they were honest would talk about somewhere else they have been. For me this was a place in Adelaide. Nothing here comes close, and Kingstons are all bloody awful. Best pick of the bunch Enjoi in Blackmans Bay.

Corner Takeaway has changed hands and is now operated by new owners. Have not been yet.

Anonymous said...

Corner takeaway has crap food, as it did with previous owner.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.51 you are wrong, sorry

Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that the Kingston beach pub is changing management in the new year. Early suggestions are that the new publican (also a restaurant owner) is going to convert the front bar area into a cafe. Not exactly a stroke of genius, but maybe a step in the right direction. Anyone care to comment.

Anonymous said...

Anything that gets the alcos out of beachside has got to be a good thing.

And as with most things in Kingston, it probably wont happen anyway.

Anonymous said...

You can't go past Juiced Up at Kingston Beach. They offer a two or three course 'Chef's Table' on a Friday and Saturday night or on request. I'm pretty sure that you need to book. We had an 18th birthday party with 15 people and the atmosphere and food was first class. Also great for a quiet dinner. Very friendly staff. I couldn't be stuffed going into town, when quality food and good service is close by.

Murray said...

Citrus Moon Cafe was one of three great Hobartian Cafes mentioned in this months Delicious Magazine! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Because Citrus Moon has good coffee

Anonymous said...

Whats with all you whinning wimps, food is fine in kingston... dont know how good you think you are but you are not food critics and neither am I, but to my own opion the food is good Seven birds, breadd, Chopsticks is AMAZING $7 meal deal fried rice with either sweet an sour pork, black bean mongolian beef yumi!

Anonymous said...

ZX Had great pizza and pasta last night at Solace. Kumar {x Casablanca} opened Solace just before Christmas. Previously it was called Perfect Pizza. The pizza base was just as I remembered at Casablanca.

Anonymous said...

Flynns is for sale

Adam said...

BEWARE! Stay away from Kelantan Delights in Kingston.
Over-priced, sub-standard food. Plus EVERY dish you order comes with rice!
and i mean a mountain of rice, so that leaves very little room for actual food. waste of time, and im not surprised theres no customers in there!

Anonymous said...

The Malaysian food place near Coles supermarket (with the hot pink sign) is awesome... the food tastes amazing and is reasonably priced and you get so much! ... I hate the Indian place near Mures... absolute rip off... you basically pay up to $15 for a container of rice with a few pieces of dry meat.... I love Breadd ... the food is so fresh... best bread roll I have ever had from there!

cell said...

I've eaten at the indian place next to Mures [Namaskar] 3 times now and every time was impressed with the food - i've only ever eaten in so maybe that's got a better standard than the takeaway but the Goan fish curry and goat briyani were my favourites. Also, Kelantan Delights did a very authentic kung fu noodles [Cantonese style rice noodles] - and wok fried kueh teow [flat rice noodles] which were the best I'd ever had in Hobart - I'm Malaysian so I grew up eating this stuff. so many asian style eateries here have had to adapt to local tastes and serve up dishes that would never be recognised back where they were from so for me it was refreshing finding a place like this. unfortunately there may not be a big enough market for it if most customers are expecting another westernized asian meal. another plus point is that it's reasonably priced, and comes in big portions, unlike Chattebox in North Hobart!

Anonymous said...

You obviously haven't been to Southern Lights Hotel! Amazing food, great service, great atmosphere. Do yourselves a favour!! :)

Anonymous said...




(later reopened as new business)

Announced this will be final Summer of trading, Kingston's most long standing cafe - in operation near 20 years. End of lease closure: June 2014

Sir Grmpy said...

I heard Kumar (of Solace Pizza at B/Bay) owns the Citrus Moon site and may be planning something there soon.
I note the building next door has been demolished. Speculation includes a knock-through from Citrus to form a bigger restaurant. Only rumour, but.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

New bakery and coffee kiosk opening soon!

Rita II said...

The former Golden Tulip site is actually becoming another branch of Dave's Noodles, I noticed yesterday (already in Wellington Centre in Hobart CBD, Moonah, and Morty's Launceston). I actually like their stuff, especially the curry laksa, so quite pleased.

Anonymous said...

New Chinese restaurant open in Channel Court Kingston: Harmony Modern Chinese Cuisine. Word is excellent!

Indian takeaway expanding into old mures Kingston site next door.

Dave's noodles a welcome addition to channel court.

New coffee shop opened in channel court: Mr Johnsons Eat.Drink. I hope they quickly learn to train staff for longer than 3 minutes because the coffee is disgusting.

Pennys bakery from sorell are moving to Kingston soon.

Anonymous said...

RITA 2 - what is going on??

Anonymous said...

More to the point - Rita 1 What's happening? Is this blog closed for business? Have you swapped to Facebook for good?

Rita said...

Hi Anon Feb 21, 2014. No. This blog hasn't closed for business, but I must admit it's far easier to pop something on my Facebook page than fiddle around with Blogger (which is the program this blog operates under).
Also, because of illness, I simply haven't been eating out as much as I did in the Hobart Food for Thought hayday.

I am also on some very powerful medications, which, I confess have affected my ability to express myself as I used to. That annoys the hell out of me, as I feel I express myself best in writing, here on this blog.

I thank you for your loyalty in reading, and for posing the question.

Anonymous said...

The new Daves Noodles is awful.

Juiced Up Cafe at Kingston Beach has become "Splash" ... Still unravelling at an alarming rate with food, service and coffee leaving a lot to be desired.

Citrus Moon shutting down in June 2014

Beachfront32 still quite nice

Corner Takeaway under new ownership

Southern Lights Hotel still turning out decent up market pub food

C2U Kingston still have excellent and very fresh fish and takeaway as well.

Thai Restaurant in Channel court is very fresh and tasty, as is the new Chinese Harmony restaurant.

Avoid chopsticks like the plague.

Sir Grumpy where are you!??

Anonymous said...

SIR GRUMPY... What's happening in Kingston old kid?

Sir Grumpy said...

Not much as usual. Sometimes I could weep at the stuff being offered up to us down here.
You know Beach Road could be Eat Street. We need a nightlife scene, with cafes and easy-eat places.
Just think, a boulevard of little places to wine, dine and enjoy music, wandering from here to there on the warmer nights and even in winter.
It seems the Chanel (on the nose) Court development is swallowing up everything.
The council doesn't help by making more of main Beach Road a No Parking area.
They widen the footpaths (yay) then make that stretch no parking, frightening off us lazy bastards who want to pull right up alongside our venue.
Plus they mass-plant those spiky, shitty little plants that look perfect for taking out a kid's (or dog's) eyes.
The loacl Post Office is closing, we don't have out Tiger Superbarn (miss you Kev & Mary). No pharmacy, baker has gone...even reliable old Goa Curry cashed in their chips.
If you like frozen fish in your fish and chips, or a soggy pie, your well catered for.
The hotel is less-than-inspiring.
So if you venture back up to Chanel court what awaits...well not much, I'm afraid.
In fact I'm very afraid....and hungry. And just a wee bit ANGRY.

Anonymous said...

When even the local Post Office is closing trading, you know the community has gone to shit. Kingston Beach News and Post Closed Trading June 30 2014.

Kevin and Mary actually still live next to their old "Tiger Super Barn" ...which they tried to sell, could not, and therefore made the decision to close the business.

Kingston Hotel has a new menu and kitchen staff trained under Paul Foreman, much improved but still smelly and bad decor.

Thai restaurant in channel court is nice, Dave's noodles woeful, good sushi near coles, good pizzas at new Kingston Town Cafe, and a pretty good new bakery in channel court.

Kingston Beach will never be an eat street as it is populated mainly by dutch tight arses aged 70+ who are too stingy/mean to spend any money with local businesses. Combine that with a useless council (They are even trying to lease out the public toilets - for free!), greedy landlords and crap weather 350 days a year, and it's a no go. We aren't in London.

The supermarket, doctors, bakery, butchers, chemist and other assorted businesses all closed years ago. Now we're left with a dentist, a servo, a bad juice shop and a takeaway chip shop.

Even the corner takeout that use to sell 50,000 dimmies a week or something stupid is much quieter these days.

Anonymous said...

Sir G Sir G Sir G

.... Where to go in Kingston?

Southern Lights Hotel. Not gourmet, but damn good "pub" style meals.

Good pies and baked products? Mr Johnsons Kiosk in channel court, they have an amazing range of pies.

Chinese? Try the new Harmony modern Chinese cuisine in Channel Court.

Thai? Thai restaurant in channel court.

Sushi? Shop near coles - Umai.

Bread? Breadd

Pizza? Kingston town cafe and pizzeria.

Best place at Kingston Beach is beachfront 32, it's a cafe/restaurant open 7 days - good food and wine, service inconsistent.

Kingston Hotel has a new menu and much fresher food than 5 years ago.

McDonalds for your 24/7 fried fatty goodness requirements.

Best chips? KFC

Fish and Chips and Fresh fish? C2U - Excellent quality. I was happy to see Mures close.

10 minutes drive away you have wrest point and the Taroona Hotel.

Anonymous said...

I read most of the posts. DOM;s Tea House in Blackman's Bay is gone now and it is now called YU's Asian Kitchen run by Dennis. He is a flavour smith. particularly when he works with Szechuan flavours. Take a look: http://www.yusasian.com And the bonus is that Penny, Dennis and staff are totally lovely. We go once a week and have never had a bad meal And generous serves as well. I find the Cantonese dishes a bit bland. But then I find all Cantonese dishes everywhere a bit bland. But give Dennis a chili and you have flavour to drool over. And his dishes are not too hot. Just full of flavour. Go try.