Thursday, 17 December 2009

What to eat on Christmas Day?

As the world evolves and progresses, and we become way more travelled than we ever have previously been, I notice customs evolving along with us. Hence the traditional Christmas fare from my childhood seems to be slowly given the push in favour of a reflection of a variety of topical external issues, like weather, more heightened awareness of different foods from around the world, and people’s desire to make things easier and faster generally.

So far this year I have heard of a few interesting Christmas Day menus in the newer style of today’s menu choices. One is an Indonesian-style feast of satays, gado gado and other delightful celebratory food items. Others are working around the seafood theme but with quirky variations. Last year Nellie featured a whole baked salmon as her piece de resistance (with no plum pud to finish up with!).

I’m not sure how I feel about today’s emerging customs. On the one hand I really love the traditional roast turkey with accompanying roast veges and a rich turkey-juices gravy, followed by a small serving of plum pud with brandy butter and cream, and maybe even a bit of custard. But then again on one of our boiling hot Christmas Days there’s nothing more unbearable than being stuck in the kitchen cooking all that stodge! A seafood and salad bonanza is the go for that boiling hot Christmas Day.

This year remains undecided at this stage for Rita but I suspect I’ll try to second guess any specific desires, and the weather, and cater for both!

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Emma said...

Christmas dinner has always been a point of stress in my family!! I really don't like turkey, but my Mum has in the past refused to even discuss the possibility that we might do things differently, usually she is quite easy going, but on this comment a brick wall would have made better conversation!

Finally this year my Dad and I pulled a bit of a swifty and just told her how it was going to be...the proposal we went with is that we’d have a similar poultry theme but include duck and quail on the menu. Also we have decided to have salads as well as the traditional veggies to try and keep everyone happy! Mum isn’t thrilled, but I think she’ll come around when she sees the feast we have in mind!

Next year the plan is to tackle my aunt’s naff prawn cocktails (read: frozen shrimp and a jar of cocktail sauce!)!! I just have to keep reminding myself one battle at a time!!

lemon curd said...

1) Turkey
2) Leg ham (and seeded mustard mmm)
3) Mint Sauce/Bread sauce/cranberry sauce (usually all three in some format)
4) Lots of awesome veggies mum and dad grow
5) Christmas pud with brandy custard AND brandy butter :)
6) Defibrillator on standby.

Merry Christmas Rita!

steve said...

Dont know what we're having in 40+ degree Adelaide heat Rita but this is what I'd like:

chilled oysters
boiled king crab simply dressed with lemon & some garlicky mayo
cold smoked ocean trout with some sweet sticky mustrd sauce
slices of sourdough & butter
sparkling wine
simply roasted free range chicken (I hate turkey for many reasons!) & copious amounts of roasted vege & proper gravy.
sparkling burgundy
a fresh berry pav with cream
I'm also a sucker for christmas pudd with custard & vanilla ice cream
good company amongst the people I love
a nice nap in the hammock with a book in the arvo & a cuddle with the missus

I hope you have a lovely Christmas Rita
Cheers Steve

Rita said...

Great strategy Emma! Well done you and Dad. The subtle way you're getting round Mum is good, so maintain that next year too, and you should end up with something more generations enjoy.
LC - how's about I bring my crew round to your place? Thanks for the Xmas wishes.
Steve - that will be nice to be away for Xmas. Your ideal menu sounds like my ideal too, so I hope you get at least some of it, but not the 40 degrees! Hate that heat. BTW - the satay/Indo Xmas goodies I mentioned in the post was at Chez Mr Boks - they've just spent a lovely time in Bali.
Hope you guys all have a great Christmas too. My love to Cate - and tell her to beware of those girls I work with, who think you're a spunk, and a gentleman! OMG!!! I never laughed so hard, as I know you did too. x

duck leg said...

Today we are having our family christmas lunch in Burnie.As i live in Hobart but my family up north and will be working!!! On the menu is Whole Baked Salmon (tassal- antibotics and all) with garlic, dill, lemon. Freshly steamed mussels with chilli coriander and onion. Crayfish Salad with a basil aioli and marinated abalone. Plenty of salads and plenty of wine!
I hope everyone enjoys their chrissy and even though I will be working on the day - WHAT A WAY TO CELEBRATE EARLY!!

Rita said...

Ahhh Duck Leg - perfect! Are you cooking? Getting in early, especially with all the seafood is ideal, in fact I reckon we should vote to move Christmas to a week earlier! Maybe Mr Bartlett can backflip that one too!
Just the mere fact of knowing I have to queue up (for the equivalent of 6 years!!) for my pre-ordered seafood puts me off having it on the Xmas Day menu.

Christina said...

We had such a good time with our family at home last year that a repeat performance has been requested.
I'll be looking after the slow cooked pork shoulder, fresh oysters,new potatoes, pavlova with raspberries and cream, tiramisu.
Aunt has the chickens and trifle, Uncle has the lamb and pumpkin bake, cousin has the turkey, broccoli and cauli gratin, a salad, and a lemon tart. Cousin who comes after lunch has camembert,dates,honey and almonds, baked in the oven. Mmmmm I love that one. So please all keep fingers crossed for fine weather, or at least no wind. 18 people wont fit in my little house!

A Merry Christmas to all, and especially to you and yours Rita.
May your day be relaxed and filled with love and laughter.
{secretly I'd love what Steve's hoping for}