Thursday, 14 January 2010

Rockwater at Blackmans Bay

I received this review from one of my loyal readers, who kindly offered to 'test the waters', so to speak, at Rockwater - the new pizza/pasta place near The Beach Restaurant at Blackmans Bay.......thanks GB

Lesley and I tried rockwater for lunch today.

We had a pizza each (part of our long standing search for the perfect one). We tried the margharita and the barassi(!). Margharita is really the true test of a proper pizza.

We arrived at 12.00 and were the only patrons. Two tables of two and one of three diners arrived over the next hour.

The lone waitress was very pleasant and attentive but then she didn't have much pressure. We did have to ask for water on the table but it doesn't set out to be 5-star and it was brought promptly.

The pizzas were fine with a sensible (not overladen) amount of topping. The mushroom/salami blue cheese was surprisingly flavoursome and our favourite.

The bases were a bit non-descript. Thin and crisp but almost tending towards the biscuit end of the spectrum. Not like the close to perfect, thin ciabatta, base you get at Smolt.

All washed down with a glass of Devils' Corner Pinot and a Holm Oak Cabernet Merlot.

The surroundings are pleasant and based on today's visit we'll go back and give their pasta dishes a go.

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sir grumpy said...

I am hoping to hop in here soon Rita. We've already been in for a copy of the menu.
Got a nice warm response.
Very clean and smart looking. This whole area might become the mediterranean of Tasmania!
Enjoi takeaway is good, bottle shop good, The Beach, good.

lemon curd said...

Given the Barassi Pizza option, I take it it is a Gary Baker development?
Must get down there soon - what are their opening hours?

Rita said...

Yes Sir G, it would be good to see a few more dining out options in that area.
LC - very funny, as that was exactly what my reaction was when I read the menu online and noticed the pizza named barassi! So, yes, I'm assuming it is (for that very reason) a Gary Baker production.

Rita said...

BTW - their website doesn't provide opening hours, strange to say, but DOES have the eat-in and takeaway menu, and phone number!

Luigi said...

For a better value pizza try the Tahroona Lounge Bar. Wood-fired and all! Large pizza same price as small pizza at rockwater.

Anonymous said...

My wife and i visited rockwater the other day for a leisurely sunday lunch. I had the rockwater pizza which was cooked perfecty with just the right amount of topping and my wife the lasagna which was very nice and moist! Just how it should be. It's great to finally have an second restaurant on Blackmans Bay beach i look forward to trying it again

Anonymous said...

Our family had an evening meal recently at Rockwater and it was fantastic food, especialy the Afogatto dessert!! tha resteraunt was full by the time we left and we are booking a larger family dinner there next week as it was so good. Much better quality that next door as the last meal we had there was LESS than "pub counter meal" quality. Being the second por quality meal we've had there in a row, We definitely wont be back THERE again but Rockwater will see us soon.

redandblack said...

We (a family of 4) had a dinner at Rockwater a few months ago which was quite good so thought we'd try the place again tonight. While making the booking the staff insisted I get there as much brfore the booking time as possible (implying they would be busy). We got there 10 minutes earlier than booked to a reataurant that was about 1/3 full. We waited a full hour from ordering to the delivery of our four meals - 2 of these were lukewarm and a pizza was burned to a very dark brown. The cook herself brought a salad to our table and thumped it down without further ceremony. No way we'll be going back there again!!

Gaga said...

My partner and I went to Rockwater for lunch on the weekend. Walking in, there only was one table of 4 already there, however the waitress ( i think it was the owner!) completely ignored us so we sat ourselves down. After 5 minutes or so the waitress brought us some menus and did not say a word. She was very hostile and quite frankly rude when I asked her what kind of soft drinks they offered. We did not have to wait long for the food, but the waitress plonked it down infront of us, once again not saying a word. Despite the terrible customer service, the food was delicious. When we tried to pay for our bill, (keeping in mind, still, only one other table in the restaurant) the waitress gave us the wrong bill. When this was pointed out, it took her literally ten minutes to sort out our account so we could leave. Good food, but we will never go back there again because of the horrendous customer service.

Anonymous said...

As of June 2011, Rockwater has new owners and is gaining a strong local following. Great service, food and wine.

Anonymous said...

I have been going to rockwater since it opened.
The food has always been lovely. I love the seafood chowder and the crayfish pate!