Wednesday, 24 February 2010

TASpice, herbs and spices providores

Yes, it HAS been there (so they tell me) for a year, but after my boss Chris pointed out a wonderful little spice shop close to my work, in Elizabeth St (opposite Kuzina) to me, I popped in today to see what was in there.

It was a veritable treasure trove of all sorts of exotic delights. I intended just looking round so I knew what they stocked and could shop there later if I needed anything. Naturally, being an avid food shopper, I ended up $20 lighter, but I scored some dried juniper berries (you can never buy them when you need them specifically for a recipe!), dried red and green peppercorns, and a nice pickling spice mix, as well as a 250 gm pack of shelled pistachios (for $8.90).

It’s more an Indian food and supplies supermarket, so if you envisage all the gear you’d need to cook anything Indian, or eat anything Indian, go there. The guy serving today said they also supply many restaurants, both Indian and general, with ingredients for their curries.

I was impressed with the variety of goods, the ease of parking and the friendliness of the place.

It’s called TASpice, it’s at 204 Elizabeth St, Hobart, and you can call them on 6231 3991.
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Christina said...

Yeah, been there Rita.
Have to say it was okay, but not a match for Spice World in town.
I paid a visit there today with my little list and came out $40 lighter.
But I had the best time!!!!
I visited TASpice a while ago looking for a few particular ingredients and came away empty handed. Spice World has everything I need.
My fault for buying Maeve O'Mara's Food Safari as to why I spent so much today, already adding to my extensive spice collection I suppose. I even had to buy some jars today which I,ve never had to do before.

A beautiful book that has inspired me.

Rita said...

Christina - Spice World IS indeed great, but a right pain in the butt to get to when you just want to pop in quickly somewhere to get something. I hate that I need to park in Argyle Carpark (having had to do a few blockies prior to queueing for 5 mins at the entrance, then driving slowly behind Grandpa complete with his HAT (=danger sign for others outside the car!) while he examines all existing parking spots on every level en route to Level 6 or 8 in the vain hope that he might well cause a parking spot to be magically and miraculously made there right in front of his eyes!). It takes spice shopping for me to a whole new level when forced to go to Spice World in the city - hence my going there annually only!

But - I am SO with you re Maeve's cookbook. I love it, and her.
Where did you get the jars?

Christina said...

Got the jars at spice world too Rita, little square ones. Think they were about $1.40 each, but they fit well on the racks I have, or stack on a shelf now as both my spice racks are full! I'd get another but have no room to put it.

Do so agree about the car park thing. I either get Phil to drop me off, then do a quick pick up, or go early to get a park.
I've even been known to give Phil a list for him to get my spices if I don't need too much.
I couldn't make it on one trip a year though.
Plus it's such a great shop, my favourite.
Before I go in, I stand outside and just smell all the aromas coming from inside, mixed with the coffee from next door etc. It's such a treat for me.
I know I go a bit over the top about it don't I. Wish I could express myself as well as Steve.

Anonymous said...

After long time in Hobart i found the proper spice shop with all the variety that you could get all in one place has to be "TASPICE". Ease of Parking and beautiful aromatic spice smell and very wide range of spice from "Morrocon spice" "Mexican Spice" "African Spice" and even wasabi powder. And the shop assistant also mention if we need any type spice, he will source it for us. Its the greatest service i could ever get in place like hobart where its very hard to find some of authentic ingredients for the receipe.